Introducing FAST for iOS


In its third year of development, the Cyborg Cats are proud to announce the first public beta of our iOS scouting app, the FIRST Advanced Scouting Touchstone (FAST). We will be releasing the final version on the App Store before Houston, and possibly much sooner. Please PM me if you or your team would like to get setup as a beta tester.

FAST App Description
FAST is a modern scouting application for FIRST Robotics Competition Events for Stands Scouting and Pit Scouting. Easily add the event you are attending using The Blue Alliance. FAST simply pulls down all event data including team and match information, final scores, and more. All data is presented in a clean and concise manner centering around the teams.

FAST puts making informed strategic decisions for match to match gameplay in the hands of all teams. Everyone on your team can use their own device (iPad or iPhone) to scout teams and matches, update information, add notes, and easily visualize stats.

⁃ Easy importing of Events using The Blue Alliance integration for schedules, scores, and more
⁃ Syncing of scouted data between all of your team’s scouts so that everyone always has access to the most up to date information with the cloud
⁃ Custom ordering of teams with easy drag and drop
⁃ Match Schedule sorted by individual teams
⁃ Time-based Stands Scouting
⁃ Pit Scouting
⁃ Team stats, notes, and pictures
⁃ Sortable stats
⁃ Team Search
Team Stats/Details Tracked:
⁃ Cube Pick Up Location
⁃ Cube Scoring Location
⁃ Average Cubes Placed
⁃ Standard Deviation of Cubes Places
⁃ Autonomous Cubes Scored
⁃ Autonomous Base Line Cross
⁃ Climb and Climb Assists

Screenshots from iPhone. I will upload iPad screenshots soon.

Feel free to ask questions!


Update: FAST is now officially on the App Store!!! Download for free today. If you have any recommendations for additional features or other feedback, feel free to let me know on here or to leave a review!


Since there aren’t many good stats tracking apps for iOS, it would be nice if you could use FAST without a login. I don’t really want to make an account because I would only be using this like a GUI for event schedules and stats. Even a preview mode would be nice to have before the user has to create an account. Alternatively, a login with Google/Facebook would be easier than creating yet another app-specific account.
Looks nice in the screenshots.


Do you mean like a spectator mode where you just can’t do any stand or pit scouting?


Exactly. Based on the screenshots, the app would excel as a spectator app as well as a scouting app. It would also be nice to have some sort of “preview” of the scouting features in the spectator/not logged in mode so users can sample the app without creating an account.


How do they sync? Is it Bluetooth, QR code, wireless, or airdrop?


It syncs over any network connection. When data is collected offline, it will sync as soon as it is brought online. You can create a Bluetooth hotspot and sync a few at a time, and you can use any combo of iPhones and iPads.


This is a fantastic idea! We would love to have FAST be a sort of dual client base, with spectator and team mode. We will be working on that. Also, updates with additional functionality will be released throughout the competition season! We love to hear feedback on how to make this better!



Is anyone on your team working on an Andriod deployment? Half our scouters have droids and the other half have iPhones.


Hi David. We have not yet, but it is something we are looking at down the road. Our school mandates iPads, so it was our key user base. Having a universal scouting platform would be pretty awesome though. I’m sure we could even open things, especially that portion, up to the community down the road.


A few questions after playing around with this app:

Does everyone scouting need to use the same account? For example, if you have 6 scouts in the stands, are they all logged in under the same user?

Also, could it be setup to scout by match #? Then each scout would select the team they are assigned to from the match list to start scouting that team for that match. Currently, I believe you have to find the team # and then select the match they are in to scout them for that given match.

Does that make sense?

Also, would it be possible to graph or provide cycle times from when they grab a cube, to the time it was placed either in exchange, switch, or scale?



I’m not entirely sure I follow you. We generally have one person for each field position (Red 1, Red 2, etc.). What would you prefer?

Yes. That’s actually not too hard, and we had something similar last year, but we did not see it being particularly effective because teams can get cubes from all over and score them from all over. I know it should average out over a larger sample size, but we do not tend to make decisions with large samples. If you want it we can add it in though.

Thanks for the help!


Cycles times would be a nice addition.

We also setup our scouters the same way (red 1, red 2, etc.). What I’m trying to suggest is that once you go into the regional, instead of selecting the team you want to scout, you would click on “matches” first. Then select the match # you wanted to scout, now all six teams in that match would be right there. You would then select the team number and have an option to scout that team for that match.


We had that and I don’t know what happened. There will be an update tomorrow or Saturday I’ll try to make sure that gets fixed. My apologies for the misunderstanding.


Thank you! Overall, the app looks promising


Thank you so much! New features are being beta tested now and will be released to the public soon! These include, but are not limited to: .CSV exporting, background updating of Blue Alliance data (now including rank and predicted times), and a few bug fixes. The stand scouting straight from matches should be in there too. Thanks to everyone who has tried it out this week and to everyone who has taken the time to give feedback. We want to make this the best it can be!!!


Hey Sam,
Your app looks amazing! I was just wondering about a few features. Is there any way for you to record the maximum of cubes placed in the vault, scale, etc. so that we could compare in graphical format? Percentages are great, but a team that places 1 of 1 cubes on the scale per match would show up as having a higher percentage than a team that places 2 of 5 cubes on the scale per match. Obviously the second team is the better of the two, but there’s no way of knowing this just by looking at percent distributions without calculating it for each team.


Would you want just average * percentage, just max, or both?


Both would be awesome, but maximum is really what I’m looking for. Thank you!!!


Can you go back if you make a mistake, we noticed or could not when we were trying it out.