Introducing FAST for iOS


When stand scouting, if u touch a box, a circle will appear and count down from 3. If u touch the circle, it will cancel your last selection. Also, if you go back to rescout a match, it’s stats will be replaced with the most recently scouted data, but the old data will still be available in the matches screen.


Good Evening,

Our team was signing up for an account in the FAST App and put in the wrong email address for confirmation. We are now unable to verify the account and log in. Is there a way to reset this for our team? We are in as team 6020. You can email me at for the next steps. Looking forward to getting the app up and running soon.



Hello there! We just reset your credentials, so you are cleared to go ahead and sign up again! We hope you enjoy FAST!


i was playing with the app… did that get fixed yet? I don’t see the option to scout on the match page.

Also, I second the cycle time graph/stats. It looks like the way you enter the pickup location and dropoff location is time stamped already. Is there a way to take that and spit out a list of time/cycle? or even a way to look at the raw times each cube was picked up/dropped off?
Just brainstorming here… Maybe even better yet: an average time/cycle for each match from each location to each location… for example (from the line to the scale, and portal to scale times. then over an event, we’d be able to see if there is improvement/consistency. Also, this will tell us an idea of that teams overall strategy and execution.


It’s coming.

This is also being worked on. It is indeed being time stamped already. We hope you enjoy using FAST and will let you know when these are added. Thanks!


Update today! Version 1.1 is [now live](FAST - FRC Scouter by Donna Kampmeier Features include:

  • .CSV Exporting
  • Blue Alliance data is now downloaded in the background automatically, including OPR, rank, and predicted match times
  • Max Cubes by destination
  • Average Cubes by destination
  • Various bug fixes
  • An indicator for your team

We hope you love this version, and we are working on even more features to make your FAST experience the best it can be! If you would like access to the newest features even sooner, PM me your Apple ID and we will get you set up as a beta tester via TestFlight!


Just in time for Detroit, the most oft requested feature of the year:

Spectator mode! Use FAST for a quick rundown of Blue Alliance iOS data, including rank, Points, OPR, schedule, and more!