Introducing FIRST|Tube - Share FIRST.](

Hey there.

My name is Salar and I am the webmaster of FIRST|Tube. This is a new service being launched for all teams around the world, to share their team videos with other FIRST teams all in one central hub. The inspiration for this site was based off of the issue initially created on the most popular and well-known FIRST forum, Chief Delphi by Pontiac Robotics, which is where this post currently being viewed. FIRST members want to see how other teams are approaching different tasks, testing out new technologies, and gain insight on how the team cooperates with FIRST and all its morals. We are creating a basis for all FIRST teams to finally come together and show each other not only what their team has been up to, but also to teach others. The site features FIRST-specific videos such as competition announcements, to individual team-based videos, to robot demos, to even free tutorials, created by teams just like yours!](

Full-HD video compatible

Embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo, or upload your video on our servers

[FONT=“Arial Narrow”]More Features

  • Tablet and mobile-friendly
  • Like Videos (for Most Liked section and My Liked Videos section)
  • Share Videos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more
  • Search for videos using our advanced search utility
  • It’s 100% free. You will never be charged. Ever.

All you have to do to become part of FIRST|Tube is head on over to]( (or]( for short), and click on the Sign Up button the top right of the site. After you have signed up, you can post your own videos, like others, and view the new content that will be uploaded everyday!

Instructions on how to upload videos will be provided to you when you signup!

So head over to FIRST|Tube and become part of the first video sharing platform based solely around FIRST.

See you there. :)[/FONT]

Looks awesome! Whenever I try and create an account, I click the button, and nothing happens. :\

Hey SuperNerd,

I double checked the functionality of the signup button, and all checked out from here. Try utilizing a different browser or computer. Additionally, the site is tablet and mobile-friendly, so try signing up through your mobile browser.

Let me know the results! If all else fails, I can setup an account for you and give you control of it after its creation.

Let me know.


Signed up, I will probably start posting when we make videos in build season, and maybe some old drive train videos.

Not to be a killjoy, but I think uploading to YouTube serves the community better by allowing for more publicity. Forums are by definition a private thing, but most videos aren’t. Now, I like the option to embed from YouTube, but only posting to these servers seems a bit too insular. Which, if you/your team has videos you don’t want public, could be a good thing, but I’m not a fan. I’ll sign up anyways, can’t hurt.

I can see this being used as a place for everyone to put match videos, maybe it will make it easier for TBA to get more of them up than they have in the past.

I have to agree. It might be nice to have a central location to find FIRST videos, since we don’t really have a standardized way for label/find things on YouTube. But I definitely wouldn’t want to see such a project reduce the presence of FIRST on YouTube. I like the embedding function, but uploading directly might be counter-productive to overall FIRST publicity. Just my initial thoughts.

A lot of teams have a YoutTube channel they post videos to… it would be nice to have a central site like this that allows teams to register their channel, and can then pull/link to all videos from the registered channels, automatically updating itself when a new video was uploaded to any channel.

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

The FIRST|Tube felt just as Jon stated, that many teams have their own YouTube channels and thus makes it hard for people to find out videos. We felt that there should be a central place where one can find videos that pertain only to FIRST, in a well-organized and well-presented way.

As everyone knows, YouTube is the #1 video-sharing platform in the world, and we can’t help but acknowledge that. We recommend that teams upload their videos to YouTube, so exposure from the FIRST community on YouTube will be present, alongside the views coming from FIRST|Tube.

Additionally, we included the option to upload on our servers, solely to give support to teams who don’t necessarily want to create a YouTube channel just for their team, and just want to expose their videos to those intending to check out relating to FIRST robotics.

As always, thank you so much for your comments. If you have any other questions, issues, concerns, etc, let us know!

I agree with some of the comments above. Why fix what isn’t broken? Youtube is an outstanding platform for video sharing. Something where you could display the uploads from YT playlists or channels would probably be the best/most useful because lots of teams already have channels. (Teams could designate what account is ‘theirs’, you would be able to see when there are new uploads - like Jon said above me.)

Also, make sure nothing on your site has copyrighted material that doesn’t belong to the uploader. For both legal and just plain ol’ logical reasons. For example, rehosting the Kickoff/animation videos…Not only are those copyrighted, but you’d be taking away views from the official FIRST youtube channel (FIRSTWorldTube) which would stray viewers away from the correct messaging and branding.

Think of it this way: If you rehost the animation, and then someone clicks through to ‘your’ channel and sees your personal videos, are they going to take FIRST seriously? If they go to the FIRST channel, they’ll have access to more information on FIRST, more videos, and have clear links to get to the FIRST website for more information and to get involved. Which one sounds better to you?

3397 will keep uploading to youtube, but I love the idea of having all of the FIRST videos in one place. If a team does both, then you have the world getting to see the videos, but you also have a nice place for those involved in FIRST to find and view FIRST videos.

Once again, we love that comments are being posed.

Just to bring to everyone’s attention, one of the team members is an actual YouTube partner, and so the understanding of YouTube’s community guidelines and end-user agreement license is crucial. Although, it is not necessary for one to have completely understood YouTube’s sharing policy to note that YouTube’s API is based off of collective views.

Simply, and this is directed towards not only Libby but other teams who feel this way, that views are based off of YouTube. Embedding simply means the video is not hosted on that particular site’s servers and is instead, hosted by Youtube, who still is in ‘charge’ of the video views, and will count all the views made by those embedded videos directly towards that team’s channel.
(for example, if I embed a video of TeamX’s robot from their channel, every single viewer who plays TeamX’s video on FIRST|Tube, will be credited to TeamX’s total view count, dictated by YouTube itself!)

In essence, we are creating hub for teams to share only FIRST-related videos, so the search of private, unlisted, and videos of such nature is no longer needed or necessary. Simply head over to FIRST|Tube, search up or find the video you would like to view, and simply view it, yet still respecting and supporting that team’s YouTube channel stats.

As per the FIRST videos, embedding is again, a sharing of a video not on a site, and so the site that actually has that video on their servers controls that file and the user that uploaded it. Thus forth, the YouTube user that apparently ‘illegally copied’ the FIRST game animations is responsible for any claims FIRST may file against him and solely him.

Feel free to ask any more questions you may have!