Introducing FIRSTsearch to go

Heres what I’ve been cooking up for the Championship:

I have finally made FIRSTsearch so that you may search with email.
This way you can email with your mobile devices and get a response instead of having to get on the internet.
How to do it:
send the query to [email protected], it will send you the response within five minutes.
The Query, which is different from normal queries:
Include each of the following as wanted (the ordering does not matter, prior to the ‘@’):
“Q” - If you would like to search the Q&A database
“R” - If you would like to search the Rule database (origional rules)
“U” - If you would like to search the Updates database
“A” - If you would like to search the awards database
“L” - (new in FRSTsrch-tg) If you would like to combine responses that repeat the same first line. (known as linking - with regards to FIRSTsearch)
“C” - (new in FRSTsrch-tg) If you would like to compress the response so it fits within a smaller bandwidth (should be done with TXTing the email, TXT limits vary) - Small dictionary of compressed words to actual words:
(All other characters are ignored prior to the ‘@’)

These must all be followed by “@”, ALWAYS, then you place the normal query.

Here is an example:
Body of message sent to [email protected]:
Body of message sent to origional sender:
’ 1.SbplLoIslReAwa ReChaWnnr-358 ReWin#2-358 2.PhiReAwa ReFin#2-358 ’
All words start with a capital letter and all other letters are lowercase.

And if you have the ability to, you may use FIRSTsearch without the internet, at

Note: No one will ever read your email, so do not ask me anything through this email.

Awesome job again. That will be useful for the long trips between the pits and the stands :smiley: .

It took my query three minutes while sitting at a stop light.
These traffic lights are way too long.

Nice job Bobby! You know I’ll use it.

Fantastic, Bobby.

If you’re bored, and looking for more features to add:

  1. Automatic Match results sent when they’re updated on FIRST’s site. - sign up for team X - get an update whenever X plays a match.
  2. Real time rankings during a competition.

Of course, real time match updates have been iffy on the website, but a fella can dream, can’t he?

I don’t think I’ll have time this year (by myself), too busy currently with school, I’ll add that to my one of my todo lists.
I would actually be able to do real time updates if people would be willing to send in scores and such to some other email, it wouldn’t be FIRSTsearch, but I could probably put it together some lunch period next week.
But the rankings wouldn’t work without all the information… so it would be difficult. I’ll start a new thread called real time results or something if I am able to make it soon enough.

Note to self:

Remember to disable automatic signatures on my emails to FIRSTsearch.
I get some interesting matches on my sig.

Looks awesome Bobby! Great job. :slight_smile:

All queries now end at the sight of “----” edit: after looking at my signature, I’ve decided to change it to “–”(two), not “----”(four)…
…So your signature can stay, it should now work.

Thanks. It works well.

OK, I have increased the speed of the cronjob to go every one minute instead of every five minutes, so it should be better for the Championship.

I have made Real Time Match Results and Comments for the championship, I just don’t know how many people are willing to do something for it, all the information is located at this thread, please HELP with sending in information.