Introducing FRC Code Database

Sometimes I’ll see a certain team do something awesome with their software and I’ll try to search for their code. Sometimes a GitHub search will do it, sometimes a Google search will. And other times it’s very difficult to find. So, today I got bored and decided to make a git repository with many team’s repositories using git submodules.

This makes finding other team’s code very easy because everything is in a simple structure (frc/<team number>/<year>).

Currently, I’ve added all of the teams that I could find that are going to the St. Louis Regional, plus a few others. Contributions are welcome and will make this more useful to people other than myself. Make sure you read the contributing file.

Note: This is not a place for you to actually directly commit your code. This uses git submodules to link to other repositories on GitHub (or GitLab, BitBucket, etc).

If something is incorrect or you don’t want your repository to be linked on there, please contact me. I’m not trying to steal code, I just thought this would be cool :slight_smile:


Thank you, this sounds really helpful to many starting teams and new programmers who dont know where to look (even i forget sometimes)! To help you along, I already create a pull request adding my teams code to this.

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I merged it in. Thanks for contributing

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Its not updated as much anymore, but here is a resource that may help you find some team’s githubs, projects, and such:

EDIT: Opened PR for 3468’s Repositories.

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Thanks for the PR.

I wasn’t aware of that website. I might end up trying to port some of that stuff to my repository. Eventually I plan to make some sort of script to automate a few things. I think I could probably make a script to import all of those repositories into submodules.

Thought I’d post an update:

FRC Code Database now has code from 365 different teams and has a total of 1596 repositories from many different years.

Many of these repositories were parsed from

I plan to try and create another script that can search a team’s github for more recent projects or all of their past projects if their repository isn’t in this database yet. Eventually it would be nice to be able to display this on a nice website with more in depth information about a certain repository.

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