Introducing FRC Dragonfly: A standard scouting application

Hello everyone,

I have built a standard scouting app that teams can use. You can use the app to pit scout, scout matches, and much more. It makes managing your scouting data much easier and makes selecting potential alliance partners much easier with sorting options.

It’s an app that requires each member of your team to sign up and is currently only available on android and iOS. The app does require internet connection. There are some issues as the app may look a little not proportional on extremely small or big devices. But, I am currently working on solving these issues.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel to respond to this thread or email me back at [email protected].

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Just out of curiosity, where is the shared data stored?

All the data is stored under a firebase database I created.

Just downloaded this, the app looks like it will work awesome! Really a godsend for small teams like us

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Will we be able to export our data to a google sheet, excel or csv? I like the cross platform compatibility!


Unfortunately as of right now, you would not be able to export data on to a google spreadsheet or a csv (I am working on making it work). However you can still view team stats in the app.

What is the source for the team photos? I noticed that they are not from TBA?

I had to google each team photo lol.


Hi there @codehammer ,

I just tested out the app and it looks great! I was wondering if you could add functionality to export the match and pit scouting data to a csv. Without this feature I’m not sure the app would be viable for our team to use, but if so we will definitely be using it this year!


Very cool! You should probably add it to Wiki: All the Scouting Apps

Working on it right now, and will let you know when the feature is added. Thank you so much for the feedback.

Added it. Thanks for letting me know.

Hey @nikp20, and @jlefkoff,

With version 1.2.0 you will now be able to extract data out of the app in the form of csv files. Make sure you update the app, and let me know if you have any other feedback!


This is awesome, if this does not use internet connection, how is all the data combined? Is it when you connect the devices to internet it will combine all the data?

Hey Nick,

The app does use and require internet connection. So the data is fetched from an online database.

Must have read the original post wrong, my bad. Can it be used offline and then merged after?

Hey Nick,

Unfortunately the app does require internet connection.

Hi @codehammer,

Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put in! I don’t want be too naggy, but would it be possible to generate a CSV with all of the stand scouting data rather one csv per team? I’m just not sure if it’d be practical to download and process each and every one while we frantically prepare pick lists for alliance selection. It would also be helpful if we could download csv with the pit scouting data for all teams. Let me know if this is possible, and thank you again for such an amazing resource.


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Hey Nikhil,

Would something like this work for you?

Pit Scouting

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