Introducing FRCBot for Slack: A new way to subscribe to events

I’m happy to introduce the launch of FRCBot, a Slack app designed for FRC teams! Among other things, FRCBot lets your team subscribe to live match notifications for any event, in any channel. It can be installed at, and we have an App Directory listing in progress.

You can type /frc help to view help or /frc feedback in any channel to submit a bug or feature request.
Merry Christmas, and happy early Kickoff!



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@cjdenio Thank you for making this! I added it to my team’s slack workspace and I noticed that there is a limit to one event watched per channel. Why can’t multiple events be watched in one channel?

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Awesome Slack app! Some things that stick out to me right away:

  1. By typing /frc watch 2020mnmi2 I get an message saying this is not a valid event code. However, TBA says it is.
  2. It would be useful to subscribe to multiple events on a single Slack channel.

Thanks for this! I set up watches for the events we are attending. It seems to me the selection of notifications for all teams vs. just your team at an event doesn’t retain its state after you leave the channel and come back.

Thank you, @dooodsdare! Here’s some explanations:

  1. 2020mnmi2 failed because of a bad regex on our end. It’s fixed now.
  2. When developing this app, it didn’t occur to me that someone might want to subscribe to multiple events in one channel. Seeing as @BenjaminA is also interested, I’m working on it now. You can track the issue’s progress on GitHub.

Right now, this is a quirk on Slack’s end. Dropdowns in messages are actually meant as lists of actions. I’ve opened an issue on GitHub for this.

@dooodsdare and @BenjaminA, you can now subscribe to multiple events in one channel. :tada:


Sweet! Thanks for updating it so quickly.

This looks really cool! Is there a way to subscribe to a certain team to a certain event, or do I only get messages for every match, not just the ones my team is playing in?

One thing I would find useful (if it doesn’t do it already) is if the bot could post a message with the team’s rank whenever it changes (or if a command is run, like “rank ”).

Anyway, this is very cool! I’m talking to my coach about adding it to our workspace right now.


In fact, you can choose to subscribe only to matches that your team is in. As long as you’ve set your team number with /frc setteam (and your team is in the event), you should see a dropdown, like so:

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I’ll look into adding a command like /frc rankings. Great idea!

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Will this app eventually be able to track upcoming matches and such (like those notifications TBA has)

Add an option for match heads up? Ex - If you are in qual 23, send a message in the channel when qual 20 scores are posted as a reminder so people (driveteam and spectators) don’t miss the match.


… i think there’s a bug with the “All Matches” or “Matches for team ####” When i pick the second option, it never saves. I click out to another channel and come back to it being “All Matches”

Sadly, this is a quirk with Slack’s API. I’m working on a better way to set options for notifications. I’ve opened a GitHub issue for this.

Yes, I do plan on making this happen. First, though, I’m adding an options page so everyone doesn’t get these notifications.

Is this open source? I know you mentioned GitHub but I never saw a link to it.

In fact, it is open source! The code is over here:
Feel free to open issues, pull requests and other stuff.

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