Introducing Limelight 2


Hi Everyone,

We are excited to finally introduce Limelight 2!
Launch Video

Updated website:
The documentation will be fully updated on launch day.

We will begin selling a limited number of pre-order units tomorrow at 12:00PM PST. Limelight will launch with additional inventory and ship on December 28th.


How will this affect support and game-vision development for the limelight 1?


Are they still priced at $399.99 per unit?


Will the original Limelight still get software updates?
Additionally, will some of these additional features of the Limelight 2 arrive to the original Limelight via software update?


Will the Dec 28th launch coincide with AndyMark’s stock?

Or will only you directly sell the units on Dec 28th?


That’s what it says on the website.


Anyone upgrading this year that wants to sell off the old version? If so, we’re interested…


Awesome stuff! We’ve been debating getting a LimeLight!


Yes the Software for LLV2 works on the LLV1 hardware.

Limelight 2019.2 Update

It looks amazing. Great job!


Thanks for the quick response!


i sure hope they meet the explicit and strictly enforced first rules on vendors this year so this is legal for teams to use


Last year Pre-orders started in Dec but where not shipped till after build season and there was no hassle. All this what if it’s too late is defamation of the product. Lots of products go out of stock at all of our primary sources every year.


As someone who has held both LLV1 and LLV2 in their hands, I’m very impressed with the build quality of the LLV2. It feels much more like a real consumer electronics device than the LLV1 does. The smaller form factor of the LLV2 is much more appealing as well.

Great work to the whole LimeLight team.



If we buy a 2 will there be a big difference if we use our 1 on the practice robot?


Can we get a v1 vs v2 spec sheet? It’s hard to know if it’s worth pre-ordering a V2 if we already have a v1.


You will be able to share the pipeline tunning between them but will have to calibrate the the cross hairs for the robot but that would likely be the case for two of the same model depending on the shooting of delivery mechanism. The major difference I can refer to is the wider FOV of LLV2.


While tomorrow’s pre-orders will only launch on our website, both AndyMark and WCP will launch on the 28th.

In addition to the new FOV, the horizontal mounting hole spacing has slightly changed. This calls for two different mounting plates if you want the lenses to align perfectly, as the holes will overlap given a universal mounting plate.


My team is tentatively planning on purchasing a Limelight V2 after the new game comes out and specifications are made available. If we were to order in the first week of build season, would there likely be any in stock? When could we expect receiving it?

Also, is there a planned date for the major software update for the Limelight V1


When the file goes live on the web page for LLV2 you will be able to download that and install it into your old LLV1. While Beta testing we learned there is a hardware detection that will display what it believes is the device it is running on. I presume this will adjust any unique settings like FOV and angle to target value. So far they will only need to manage one software package. All the downloads are posted on their web sight along with the new Flash tool.

PS: The 2019 update will mostly gain you integration for custom GRIP pipelines. It stable enough to release and should be getting more features as updates are needed.