Introducing Limelight 2


Here is a quick overlay drawing. You could simply use the bottom holes of the LLV2 to mount the camera and get the lens to line up if you have a full back plate.

LimeLight Overlay.png


What’s changed with the Limelight 2 Hardware?

  • Smaller footprint (note that the mounting hole spacing has changed in both dimensions)
  • Increased FOV
    • From 54 x 41 degrees to 59.6 x 45.7 degrees
  • Improved build quality
    • Rigid lens mount
    • Improved plastic finish
    • Tighter margins around ports and LEDs
    • Light-pipe-exposed status LEDs
    • Flush main power port for easier access
    • Easier access to IP reset button
    • Flush microUSB port for easier access
    • POE jumper removed
  • POE is always enabled
  • Serial port removed
  • MicroUSB cable provides power while flashing. No need to apply 12V power while flashing.
  • Some LL1 units contained loud fans, and others contained quiet fans. The new LL2 fan’s loudness is in-between those of the two LL1 fans.
  • Status LEDs
    • Inner green LED blinks quickly if a target has been acquired, and blinks slowly if no targets are in view.
    • Outer yellow LED blinks slowly if the unit is using an automatic IP configuration, and remains solid if the unit is using a static configuration.


The hardware improvements sound really good! I know it is difficult to predict supply and demand, but if my team were to order a Limelight V2 after kickoff, is there some guarantee we would receive it by a certain date? Or should we pre-order to ensure we get one? Depending on the 2019 game, we may not even need it this year.


There is a guarantee that you would have the camera during the build season. I believe we will have a more precise date around the official launch & ship day (28th). If our initial batch of cameras stays in-stock through kickoff, you will have your camera 2-3 days after ordering. Our second batch of cameras is already in production, but it is difficult to say exactly when it will finish.



Was there ever a v1 spec sheet posted? I seem to recall looking for one on their website but not being able to find it anywhere.


Limelight 2 Tech Specs | Italicized items are new to LL2:

  • Tracking Speed: 90fps
  • Tracking Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
  • Easy graphical interface for all pipeline configuration options
  • Support for all languages with a NetworkTables API
  • Field-of-View: 59.6 x 49.7 degrees
  • Dimensions: 3.819 x 2.194 x 0.984 in (97.005 x 53.730 x 25.00 mm)
  • Weight: .25 lbs
  • Tracking Interfaces: Network Tables
  • Total latency (Photons -> Robot) : 21-25 milliseconds
    • Pipeline Latency: 3-7 milliseconds
    • NetworkTables -> Robot latency: .3 milliseconds - Limelight bypasses normal NetworkTables limits to instantly submit targeting data.
  • Light output: 400 lumens
    • 60% more light than the standard dual-ring setup
    • Illuminance is increased by gloss-finish LED cones
  • Constant-brightness LEDs down to 7 volts


Will the Limelight 2 be the same p/n and product link on AndyMark? If not, do you have a p/n and product link? I have to make sure my purchasing people will be ready to buy once it’s in stock.


This will be the link (and part number) when it does go live.

We should have that page up before December 28th.

For now, sign up for an email here We have already received a ton of requests at that link and we will be sending all those out when the “a” version comes in stock / is available for pre-order.


Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered today. As mentioned before, additional inventory will launch on the 28th!


True, I’m weighing in on the line item on the field materials list that calls out 2” 3M 8830 Scotchlite Reflective Material, Adhesive Backed – 14 feet as YES the will be a cushion target.


do y’all have STEP Files of the Limelight 2?


So there will be a “need” for vision like in 2016 and 17?


Let’s hope. We can only speculate for 10 more days.


We enjoyed working with the Limelight 1 last year.

Is there a time you guys are looking at for release on Friday?

I want to make sure we are ready and have some time set aside. Also CD will potentially be going down Friday night for updating so hopefully it will be long before that.


A STEP file has been added to the downloads page.


We will launch at 11:00AM PST! We are glad you enjoyed LL1 last season. LL2 should feel like a significant improvement.


We did some testing with the new limelight and decided to try to track the gears from 2017. It took almost no time to get the limelight to identify gears, and from there it was simple to make the robot turn towards it and pick it up. Here are a couple clips of it tracking.

For tracking the gear, we used both the built in limelight tracking, and a custom grip pipeline to tests the differences in capabilities. Both worked about equally, with the grip pipeline only taking slightly longer to set up (maybe 2 or 3 extra minutes to get it working the same).


I was going to respond to the GRIP comment that the GRIP stuff is still in development and I hope to see it developed further then realized your the developer and you may already know this. One thing is does do beyond the stock Lime Light Pipeline is allow the use of masks. Helpful if part of your robot is in view and interferes with your tracking.


Here is a quick video of the limelight tracking the cargo using the stock pipeline.


Thanks for the sample. Do you think the vision targets work as is? We Juuust purchased the ll2.