Introducing Limelight 2


Did you ever get around to making this video?

Currently ours is somewhat identifying the center of the two vision targets but the rectangle is only halfway through one of the targets. It is also flashing like it is constantly losing and acquiring the target. Nowhere near as smooth as I have seen some of your videos.


My impression is that the camera resolution and FPS are locked at the hardware level, meaning you would have to replace the imaging sensor itself. That said, for most applications, the standard resolution is more than adequate, you really don’t need that high of resolution for vision processing or even most video-feedback operations.


Well this is my rookie year of Frc so I don’t know much but doesn’t 400 seem like too much if I can’t even change the resolution and such


There’s certainly more cost-effective solutions, but the Limelight (at least in my experience) has been by far the most time-effective.


What do you mean time effective


I think what @SilentWanderer is trying to say is that you can easily spend an entire build season (and more) focusing on a custom camera processing pipeline. The limelight is a way of getting right to the game specific stuff and skipping a lot of the work that comes with an offboard vision processing system.

Basically it is allowing you to spend your programming time more effectively by making the entire vision process much easier. Thereby giving you much more time to work on the critical things like programming your mechanisms and drivetrain.


Well I just have one last question and that’s does anyone know if it’s wired or not


It does not come pre-wired


Yes, it is wired. It connects directly to the PDP for power and over Ethernet for comms. See the docs for details.


In the documentation, it states that tx and ty output values from -27 degrees to 27 degrees and -20.5 degrees to 20.5 degrees, respectively. Is this true for the limelight V2, now that the FOV has increased to 59.6 degrees by 49.7 degrees? For example, if the crosshair is at the top of the camera view, would that output 27 degrees or 29.85 degrees?


Limelight 2: Tx: 29.8, Ty:24.85 if the crosshair is at the top right corner of the screen.

Limelight 1: Tx: 27 Ty:20.5

The values will indeed differ between the two models. We will fix the NT api docs tonight.