Introducing Limelight 3

I’ve gotten 30fps 640x480 on photon with solve pnp enabled

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Is this on a stock Pi with no mods, Decimate 1, etc.?


Updates following when that benchmark was submitted have changed performance a lot in photonvision. It’s very hard to compare FPS across coprocessors/programs without similar settings and cameras, but running the benchmark that gave me 17 fps on an older version with a Pi4 at 640x480 (in 2d) gives ~30 to 40 fps now at 820x616. It’s also not too hard to overclock the Pi yourself.


Overclocking the pi is easy, i do agree with that. i guess we will have to see how it compares to Photonvision when LL3 is fully released.

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Any update?


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AprilTags and Coral-accelerated models work on LL1, LL2, and LL2+. Object detection models will run at 20-30fps on older hardware as opposed to 45-60fps on LL3. Classification models run at 90fps on LL3, and I believe 60fps on older hardware.

H.264 streaming is the only feature exclusive to LL3.


Is this done with the Coral or without the coral? Can you provide AprilTag performance numbers (with or without the coral)?


What is the resolution of the camera at these fps? Are you down sampling?

Will the object detection have the ability to differentiate between tipped and upright cones? What frame rates can we expect for April tags on the new hardware? How much noise is there in those measurements? Thank you!!

It will be able to differentiate between anything you want given enough training

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Cool! Do you have an ETA for the 2023 version of the firmware?


Will we be able to upload custom tflite models? I’d assume so but haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere. Are there any other types of models supported currently besides object detection and clssification?

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Some Beta firmware has been tested over the past weeks. I know @Brandon_Hjelstrom is trying to get it perfect for release.

We know the hardware is capable, and we have always been treated to genuine perfection.


Classification is faster than detection?

Just to understand if someone using a LL2+ wanted to use an AprilTag to center like one would have done with retroreflective tape they would be looking at 60fps?

They had just updated the website. I suspect that firmware will be release along with the LL3 and not before.

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The question remains though, when will that be?

While I don’t enjoy calling out a small supplier knowing we’re dealing with supply chain issues everywhere these days, its been false promise after false promise from limelight over the last 1.5 months, with zero acknowledgement or communication of the delays.

Definitely frustrated by the above, and wondering if we need to bite the bullet and jump ship to PhotonVision now, so we’re not left scrambling late into the season.


Yes I totally agree. This morning, limelight finally updated their website with a message of “Limelight 3 launching soon”, so hopefully we will get it sooner rather than later.

Our team knew that will be supply issues and so during preseason we developed alternatives to limelight so that we could compare the options depending on the seasons challenges.

If teams don’t have a solution other than waiting for limelight stock, I highly recommend using the Roborio. The Ri3D Redux team show that you can get a consistent 9 FPS detection, and although you may can’t get full field localization, you can get localization in community zone and loading zone. Using the roborio is also very reliable solution.


It appears that beta testing is still underway and performance is completely unknown. Apart from some FPS numbers with no other details about the context for those numbers, Brandon has not commented at all on what the Limelight 3 actually does. No comments on release dates or price. All we have right now is the coolest marketing video ever seen in FRC.

Overall, given that it just uses a Pi4 and doesn’t appear to be doing anything special, Photonvision will probably be higher performance if you’re looking to read AprilTags. For retro tape, older Limelights will work just fine on the cone pegs.

An Orange Pi will take two weeks to arrive from AliExpress. Or you can get a Beelink PC right now. Neither is difficult to set up and will cost a lot less than the LL3.


Will a USB camera connected to the USB port of LL3 be able to be used to detect April tags?

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Why higher and not equal?

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