Introducing MadStream -- Webcast Portal for FRC

MadStream will be making its debut this coming weekend at the 2011 CalGames Offseason Competition!

As part of a goal to further promote FIRST and bring it into the public eye by webcasting more events throughout the season, FRC Team 1323 designed MadStream to be the one-stop go-to place for regional and off-season webcasts. In addition to an aggregation of webcasts, MadStream will also provide a live score feed pulled directly from @FRCFMS on Twitter and an embedded official FIRST score/ranking/awards page (like this one) for live official FIRST events. Offseason events can coordinate with us to provide these features.

We’ll be releasing a whitepaper on setting up webcasts (and maybe archiving) before the 2012 regionals begin.
Let’s make 2012 the year of improved webcasts (on MadStream) and archives (at The Blue Alliance)!

Feedback and comments are highly encouraged. Let us know what new features you think should be implemented so we can make the best site possible.


This may be something of preference and not universally wanted. But I and I think many others on chiefdelphi would appreciate if that white paper mentioned having full field coverage when taping, for as long of the match as possible (is not the whole match). Personally, I find this better, so that any team in that match can go back and watch the archive and see their team play.

Video archiving is more in The Blue Alliance’s area of expertise, but usually their archives are from the official field video that’s shown on the big screen at competition, since it has the score overlay, etc.

Did I mention I love you guys? Incase I didn’t, you are the best! :smiley:

Oh well, thought I’d give it a shot. I guess there’s not much that can be done about that.

It all depends what video the volunteer who records the video at the regional provides TBA. There’s been much discussion about the camerawork at regionals and what people prefer, but I’ll leave that for another thread.

It looks like SOAP Gameday will be reincarnated after all, and this is it! Lookin’ good so far.

Edit: You might want to make the ticker at the bottom a little more legible — the red is hard to read and the bold isn’t standing out for me.

Will the Madtown Throwdown be streamed?

I think this thread brings up some issues we’ve encountered in the past within our FRC community in trying to archive ourselves. I may start a new thread to discuss…


The MMRambotics crew had something VERY similar to this. Granted they didn’t have all of the match scores and stuff, but the place was pretty awesome for watching videos.

And word on the street is that they’re revamping their system, so you guys might just have mean competition. :yikes:

Good luck through, I look forward to catching the Cal Games this weekend,

  • Sunny G.

Yes Sir, it will be streamed!

It will be close to the same setup as Cal Games, Thanks Eugene for the awesome site!