Introducing Mexico's First Robot in 3 Days (Ri3D) Initiative - Uniting Diverse Mentors for Rookie Team Success!

Hello there, community! :v:

Greetings from the northern region of Mexico! We are thrilled to announce an exciting project - Mexico’s first Robot in 3 Days (Ri3D) initiative, aimed at fostering success among rookie teams through collaborative mentorship and innovative robotics design.

Our passionate team of nine mentors comes from various teams and backgrounds, united by a common goal - introducing Ri3D to Mexico.

Our collaborative efforts will be centered at the workshop of Team “6017 Cyberius,” with the generous support of our main sponsors, “MAGA Automation” and “CraftingBuddies.” We’re excited to leverage our collective expertise and resources to create a simple, cost-effective machine that excels in performing essential tasks on the field.

Starting right at the end of the kick-off event, we’ll be streaming our Ri3D journey on Twitch via the channel merfin04. Our primary objective? Empowering rookie teams by demonstrating how simplicity and efficiency can pave the way for success in robotics competitions.

Join us on this thrilling Ri3D adventure! We invite you all to follow our progress, engage in discussions, and share your insights as we embark on this innovative robotics endeavor.

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Hey everyone, we are live on Twitch

Looking forward on following y’all in these next days! Vamos!


Hey there! Let’s dive into the exciting recap of our first day! We enthusiastically pinpointed the amplifier as our primary focus, recognizing its pivotal role in bolstering the capabilities of the 2024 KitBot, specifically designed for impeccable speaker functionality.

In the course of our lively discussions, we meticulously crafted a concept that intricately aligns with the geometries of both the source and the amplifier. This approach not only enhances the overall efficiency but also caters to the specific needs of our robotic endeavors, ensuring a seamlessly straightforward implementation.

The team’s collaborative effort has set the stage for a dynamic second day, where we’ll continue our exploration and experimentation. We’re currently in the process of prototyping, employing our trusty AM-14U with an arcade drive to mount the essential mechanisms. Excitement is in the air as we eagerly fine-tune our designs, anticipating remarkable progress in the days to come! Stay tuned for more updates on our journey.

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After a few technical difficulties with our streaming setup, we are live again, on our day 2 of the first Mexican Robot in 3 days.