Introducing - MidKnight Mayhem!

Hello, teams!

Looking for some more Ultimate Ascent now that the Championship is over?!

**…Well, what are you doing June 29th?

Join Team 1923: The MidKnight Inventors at their inaugural off-season event: MIDKNIGHT MAYHEM! **

West Windsor-Plainsboro HS North
90 Grovers Mill Rd
Plainsboro, NJ 08550

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Because you want to rock another round of Ultimate Ascent!

We’ll be hosting a ton of fun extra activities during the event – mentor matches, Frisbee tournaments, and other things TBA, as well as FLL and FTC demos!** If there’s some ideas you have that you’d like to see us have at the event, feel free to send them to [email protected]!**

Our event website will be going up soon, but to register your team please fill out the following google doc link.
The cost will be $200 per team, and we’ll be contacting teams that register with info on payment shortly.

Team Registration Link:

We’re also looking for volunteers! All of our key/lead volunteers for the event have offered to help train people, so if you’ve ever wanted to try out a new role, here’s your chance!

Volunteer Registration Link;

Thanks, and we’ll see you June 29th!
We’ll continue to update this thread as we make changes and additions to the event, so stay tuned!

Libby Kamen & Katie Stevens
MidKnight Mayhem Committee Co-Chairs

I don’t know if Team 223 will be able to compete yet, but I can guarantee at least one flame-panted* volunteer!

*but probably not because those things are miserable to wear in the summer

sounds like a lot of fun, we are in a bind right now with funding and the school but will keep it in mind, and share with other local teams.

Just curious, what time does it start?

Team 340 is very excited to be attending the inaugural MidKnight Mayhem! I know this will be a great event and I hope it’s one that we can attend every year!

I’m mad that it took me a bit to get that.

2495 may or may not be attending, depending if we get off the waitlist for monty. Regardless, I’ll be there volunteering if we don’t make it (and possibly a big chunk of my team)

If you’re NOT making a joke on our traditional cheer…

…we’ll get back to you on that.

We’re looking at following a pretty traditional off-season agenda, so probably 8:30 - but weirdly enough it’s not something our committee never talked about! So when we all chat about it I will update it :slight_smile: and of course, the agenda will be on the website launching soon.

It should be at midnight with blacklights and glow in the dark Frisbees like those late night bowling parties.
Now THAT would be unique!

Darn, Brandon still hasn’t instituted that ‘like’ button on CD! :rolleyes:

I’m sure a few Pi-oneers would love to come down!

Thanks! If you’re volunteering please be sure to sign up on the form.

Thanks for your support, all - and tell any teams you might be friends with - I know it’s a hard time of year to be keeping up with CD, but we definitely want to get the word out.

This event is truly a dream come true for Katie and I - a few short months after we founded 1923, we were in gym class together and realized our school had a PERFECT layout for an event. Now that we’ve finally got the resources together and the support from the school, we are SO ready to make this a great off-season for everyone. We know it’s short(ish) notice, but early summer events seem to be in high demand, since Monty’s on a waitlist already.

If you think you’re not local enough to make it happen, please know that since we do already have out-of-state interest (thanks 340!), we’ll be working on getting hotel deals for teams and/or volunteers if they want to come from far away. FIRST is a community, and we’ve been so fortunate to have friends from all over the country and world - it’d be a shame if we couldn’t invite them to our party!

We’re so looking forward to this, and I hope we’ll see you there!

How many teams have registered so far?

And also, how many teams do you have room for? The Pascack Pi-oneers should be registering soon :D.

Officially on the form we have 4, but we have several other teams who emailed the [email protected] account who have been directed to fill it out.

In barely 12 hours since announcing it, we’ve got 9 teams already. Pretty sweet if you ask me!

I’m super excited for this! I’ll be volunteering; it’ll be fun to be outside of the midwest for a change :slight_smile:


Please let me know if you do end up with something for hotels. I definitely want to come down and volunteer, but I would probably be driving down Friday night and leaving Sunday morning. It would be far too long of a day to do a one day road trip.

Will do, Jon! That’s on the to-do list for today.

We are currently at 12 teams officially registered, with a few more interested, but waiting to make a decision.

And we’ve got quite a few volunteers already but could use some more! Be sure to register if you’ll be around. :slight_smile:

Thanks a million!

Sweet! Just registered on the volunteer page!

Considering I might be in the area visiting family and taking a break from the good ole’ south. I might have to drop by and volunteer. I’ll be more sure of that later this week.

I’d like to volunteer and maybe another maruader or two would as well, but I’m not sure. Is it okay for students to volunteer or is it only for 18+?

Is the website/teams list up yet?