Introducing - a collection of CAD resources tailored for FRC

In going through the process of switching to Onshape on 6328 we realized there are tons of great resources out there, but it can be hard to easily find them when needed. In addition the initial setup process of getting all the parts libraries and featurescrips added could be confusing. When creating the documentation for our own team to use to teach students (and mentors) we decided to do so in a more public setting so this information could be shared by other teams. That is what led @JackTervay and I to create this website:

Onshape4FRC is a website which outlines a lot of the steps needed to get started using Onshape and serves as a collection which points at lots of other commonly used resources. The site is still in a very early stage but initial feedback has been positive so we believe it is time to open up to a wider audience.

The website contains these main parts:

  • Getting Started: Summarizes the steps new users will want to go through from creating an edu account, linking the MKCAD library, adding useful featurescripts, and pointing you at the learning pathways.
  • CAD Library: A curated list of featurescripts which we find most helpful for FRC workflows and some links to FRC robots from past years.
  • Calculators: A variety of useful mechanical design calculators.
  • External Resources: Video series produced by other members of the community that dive deeper into FRC specific topics than the Onshape learning pathways.
  • Blog: This is the most WIP section, but the goal is to provide quick guides on using different feature scripts and other FRC specific topics.

I’d like to thank all the community members who created the featurescripts, calculators, and videos for providing these great resources to the community. Also thanks to all those who gave us initial feedback.

We hope you find this site useful, and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to myself or @JackTervay.


It looks good! My only comment is that it might be worthwhile mentioning my updated Spur Gear FeatureScript as well, since custom spur gears occur pretty frequently in FRC. It’s functionally identical to the original Spur Gear FeatureScript made by Neil Cooke of Onshape, but I updated the editing logic so it doesn’t override your pitch every time you change your tooth count. There’s also some fancy rounding logic that appears when appropriate, so it’s overall easier to use.


I’ve been using and recommending OnShape4FRC for months, it’s been immensely helpful in Spectrum’s transition to OnShape.

Thank you @Maximillian, @JackTervay and anyone else that helped make this resource.


Great! Thank you for sharing.

Yet another reason to use OnShape…

Thanks for putting this together! Looks spicy!

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