Introducing OpenSight - The powerful, all-in-one free vision suite

I’m sorry, I cannot get usb cameras to work. Are they supported??

Grip has had built in HTTP publishing since 2017:

The wiki is a bit wrong - the default port is 2084 and not 8080 - but the REST endpoints are correct

They’re supposed to be. Can you give a little more information (what camera you’re using, what OpenSight is running on, etc.)?

I am running it on a raspberry pi 3b+ and I’ve tested with 2 usb cameras. The Logitech c310 and the Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000. I can’t get them to show up on the web interface

Have you restarted the Pi since plugging in the cameras? OpenSight does not support camera hotplugging.

Yup, it didn’t help.

This sounds like a hardware issue of some sort, as myself and the other devs often use the Lifecam for testing. Could you join our Discord server so we can troubleshoot the issue?

This might sound stupid but…
We downloaded the imaging software and have not been able to log in to the raspberry pie we have tried the login of pi and the password of raspberry but that has not been working.

The username is opsi and the password is opensight. Also, you can just go to opensight.local:5800 for a console over the web server, no SSH or direct login required.

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