Introducing Scoutradioz™. FRC Scouting-as-a-Service

Team 102 - The Gearheads is happy to (re)introduce Scoutradioz™, FRC Scouting-as-a-Service to help enable teams to gather their own custom intel at competitions.

Check it out: Scoutradioz Introduction - Google Slides

Key points

Initially created in 2018, Scoutradioz™ has continued to evolve and it now runs on Amazon Web Services. Here is a list of some of the features Scoutradioz™ offers:

  • Scouting-as-a-Service - Use students’ own mobile devices; no need to buy tablets, install software, run cables, etc. Each team gets their own customizable “instance” of the app based in the cloud

  • Built-in charts and analytics - Quickly visualize comparative per-robot data before matches, as well as while tracking alliance selection (and all your data can be exported to CSV)

  • Event management tools such as auditing match assignments, swapping scouters in and out, and managing lists of members

  • When in online-mode, automatically get live match results and ranking updates (provided via TBA)

  • Lightweight and responsive app optimized for mobile devices while usable in tablets and desktop browsers

  • And, it’s completely free!

2023 Updates

  • Match Predictions: We tested this feature out last year and (after tweaking) this season we’re expecting a success rate of 80%-85% (for the matches where the confidence is 60% or more)

  • Coming soon! Scoutradioz™ Voyager: Offline-mode where scouts get assignments & combine data via QR codes

  • Also, the app is being translated into multiple languages - French is mostly done, currently working on Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Hebrew, and Mandarin

Learn More:

Look at our Demo! (Data from 2019): (click on the hamburger Ξ menu in the upper-left to navigate around the app, seeing other functionality)

Interested? Come join our Discord! : Discord

Want to read more? Check out our Scoutradioz™ deep dive:

Scoutradioz™ Website

yes, it is trademarked


Shout out to our 2022 early access partners teams 41 (RoboWarriors), 852 (Athenian Robotics Collective) and 8024 (Sparta Robotans) who used the app last season and graciously gave us valuable feedback!

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This looks really sweet. I am going to bring it up to the team this weekend. I do have two questions,
- About how much do you think it will cost the …as a service implies price

  • How well does it work without Internet (most of our events have no internet, even cell coverage)?
  • Do teams set up their own servers, or become a client on yours?

Thank you for sharing. This looks incredible.

In 2022 the app only worked with some form of cell phone connectivity. It was designed to work even if the coverage was really spotty or terrible - but ultimately some level of connection was required.

So in 2023 the programmers are busy building a new set of offline capabilities, which they’re calling “Voyager”. It’s a PWA (written with Svelte) where the scouting lead & scouts will exchange data via QR codes - intended to be used by 102 and other teams for events this season. The idea is it could be used if a single scout has a bad cell provider, or if the venue is inside a Faraday cage, or whatnot.

They’ll provide more details as it takes shape! In the meantime you can check out the code in the “svelte-pwa” branch in their Github. GitHub - FIRSTTeam102/ScoringApp-Serverless at svelte-pwa

  • Mike (Team 102 Scouting mentor)

We were super grateful to use it. It’s absolutely amazing. Streamlined our entire process and allowed us to ditch our shell of our own software (rip Scoutron 2020-2022)


This all sounds awesome, and I’ll have to check it out more for sure!

I realize that the voyager aspect is still in development, but is there a rough timeline or goal for when a beta or initial release would potentially be expected?

Why choose to license it under the highly controversial Affero GPL v3?

The current main goal is to handle the “Venue is inside a Faraday cage” scenario in time for Scoutradioz users to kick the tires in Week 0. (“Venue is inside a Faraday cage”: there’s no cell service at all inside the venue but one can periodically go outside and get service [or can find wifi within walking distance, etc.])

In this scenario the workflow will be…

  • The scouting lead can go outside and get signal long enough to sync down the match schedule once it’s been generated… they set up match scouting assignments and cache them on their device.
  • Inside the venue (completely offline) the lead hands out scouting assignments to the scouts. The scouts use their assignment dashboards to know when to be in the stands and collect data.
  • The lead uses their own dashboard to track who should be in the stands, who hasn’t synced their match data over to the lead device yet, etc.
  • Periodically the lead steps back outside the Faraday cage to upload the data to AWS. The lead (or anyone) can cache pages of the latest analytics, e.g. the Drive Team Dashboard for the team’s next qualifier match, or the Alliance Selection tracker, etc.

…a longer-term goal is for Voyager to be ready for the “There’s no connectivity whatsoever for a one-mile radius” scenario - where [a] you’ll need to manually enter the match schedule from the pit printout as well as [b] generate analytics within Voyager itself - but that’s really unlikely by Week 0.


The AGPL may not be great for companies that are in it to make money - e.g., MongoDB - since it makes it difficult to take the code proprietary in the future.

For Scoutradioz on the other hand we feel that the AGPL is perfect for the spirit of openness and coopertition in FIRST. We wanted to make sure that not only can anyone can examine and reuse our code but also, if they set up their own web service then they must also share with the community the code of the updates and improvements they’ve made, etc.

(stories like Mongo moving away from the AGPL, or that Google has a strict policy against using AGPL-licensed code, and so forth, I feel support our decision :slightly_smiling_face:)


Thanks a ton to Pete from the Red Hot Chili Bots for having us (@Ardaglash and myself) on their podcast to demo Scoutradioz! RoboZone Podcast Episode 183 - Supercharged Scouting with Scoutradioz - YouTube

RoboZone Podcast Episode 184 - Scoutradioz Part Deux

Video Link: RoboZone Podcast Episode 184 - Scoutradioz Part Deux - YouTube - Goes Live at 6:00PM


@robocodepodcast had 102 on the podcast again in Episode 186 - “Three Times a Charm with Scoutradioz” (published three weeks ago but just remembering to post about it now) :slightly_smiling_face: this time it’s 102’s student drive coach ( @NP102 ) as well as 102’s scouting second talking about this year’s game and how 102 has been using the system :+1:

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