Introducing Scoutradioz: Your team's new ultra-accessible scouting app!

Hey y’all! Team 102 The Gearheads has been working on a project and we’re ready to come out of ‘stealth’ mode - “Scouting As A Service”.

For a quick sample view of data and visualizations, check out

For a narrative introduction, click Help in the menu and follow the link to the narrative

The platform lets teams (& scouting cooperatives) operate their own customized scouting app instances - they can design their own scouting forms, set up pit and match scouting assignments, have scouts take photos and collect data using their personal mobile devices (definitely optimized for mobile!), and so forth. There are analytics built in but of course you can also export your data to CSV. :slight_smile:

It heavily leverages TBA data, particularly the “Firehose” - it digests and leverages the feed of every single FIRST FRC update through TBA in real time.

It’s being opened up for interested ‘early access partners’, i.e. it’s pre-beta but we’re looking for folks to try it out & give us feedback. Scouting works great! (this is basically the 3rd year the team is using this codebase) - but the “team administration” bits need polishing.


To apply to be an Early Access Partner, go here!

Here’s a direct link to the “narrative” introduction that JL put together -

Plenty of screenshots; examples of the customizable scouting forms (from the 2019 game), heat maps, etc. But also:

  • Screenshots and descriptions of what folks see when they have “scouter” access; e.g., examples of the forms, the ‘Scouter Dashboard’; and

  • Screenshots for the “team manager” level of access; the ‘Team Manager’ dashboard, some of the administrative management screens, screens for auditing how scouts are doing, or making sure no one is putting in goofy data or comments (people like to be “funny”)


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While the 2021 season won’t require scouting, we are still working to make Scoutradioz the best platform for scoring and scouting at competitions from 2022 onwards. We also would like to invite new students from other teams to work with us on the project! It is already open source on github, and we are currently working on documentation for developers to get started with our tech stack. HomeDev · FIRSTTeam102/ScoringApp-Serverless Wiki · GitHub

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