Introducing The Blue Alliance for iOS

Hey y’all! We’re proud to announce that The Blue Alliance for iOS is now available in the App Store!

See the blog post with additional screenshots here


Zach you did an amazing job on this!


Thanks so much Zach, the app is awesome - thanks for taking the time to build this.

To everyone else - don’t forget that TBA is open source, so if there are features you want to add/help build, reach out and we’ll help you get started :slight_smile:

Best app I’ve downloaded in a while. Not gonna lie. Nice job, Zach!

Downloaded earlier today, this is so much better than everything that i’ve used as of yet for iPhone. Thanks so much to the whole TBA team for working on this!

Great work on this!

One point of feedback. When navigating to a team through an event list, it would be nice to have a way to go directly to that team’s history page. Currently, the only way to get there is to back out to the main team search tab, then find that team.

Thanks for making this happen!


Hey Mike - that’s on my radar

Great job Zach!

Yay! :grinning:

Downloaded this as soon as I saw it was out-- super excited to have a native app!

I was waiting for this too. Great work.

I’ve waited three seasons for this :joy: thank you to the TBA team for working on this; I can’t wait to use the app this competition season.

I’m so excited to use this during the competition season! I’ve always been a big proponent of using The Blue Alliance via mobile browser over alternative apps like FRC Tracker or Spyder because I’ve found TBA easier to navigate and more reliable, so I’m happy to finally have a native iOS app! :slight_smile:

YESSS so excited about this thanks so much for the iOS app!!

Great work.

:champagne: Great work, Zach! :champagne:

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We’re going to need a new thing that’s “never gonna happen”

PWA @Eugene_Fang?

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Will you be able to stream events through the app? Similar to how you can on the website.

awesome! Just downloaded!!

Possible to create a tutorial on it when users open the app for the first time? Didn’t realize for about 5 minutes that you can click on the Week and Year at the top to change.