Introducing the CDFM Player Database!

It’s finally here! The CDFM Player Database!

Now you can view the stats of all your favorite CDFM players!

The CDFM Player Database features a player lookup sheet that displays information such as Active Status, Win Rates, and the player’s role in each game they participated in. It is designed such that any player can have easy access to the game info of the person they are searching.

I will be posting updates to the database here and will also be adding a link with the newest version in the Hub. I have other functions and data displays planned, but I wanted to get this version out now so you all can start using the player lookup in the season games.

When using the database, please make a copy so that multiple players are not trying to use the same sheet simultaneously. Upon entering the username of a player, the data may take a bit of time to update and will not switch immediately. I suggest switching sheets or reloading the page if this persists for too long. Please note: only the username spot is meant to be edited. Changing other parts of the database may result in errors.

I’ll be addressing any questions here. Any suggestions are also appreciated!


Some Bug Fixes

  • Total Losses no longer includes games modded
  • Win Rates no longer factor in games that ended in a draw

Terminology Change: Mod Games and Game Roles has now been changed to Host Games

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FYI: If you go to file>Make a Copy, you can put your own name into the box.

This will get around the edit permission thing. (Makes sense, don’t want to let everybody rummage through the data)

I trust that new features, like perhaps a last 5 game win%, will occasionally be added?


Yup! I’m planning on doing season stats and comparison data, and I’m open to any suggestions you guys have for new data points to add!