Introducing the Connecticut FIRST Alumni Network

Introducing the Connecticut FIRST Alumni Network

At Kickoff, Dean issued his homework assignment for the 2009 FRC season: locate former FIRST participants. What he didn’t know is that for the last three months, those of us in Connecticut have been working on this very same project (and no, we didn’t steal the homework assignment).

So… we at Connecticut FIRST are pleased to announce the creation of the CT FIRST Alumni Network (CTFAN).

Who can join CTFAN? Alumni from…

  • any Connecticut FRC or FTC team (regardless of where they live, work or attend college)
  • any FRC or FTC team attending college in Connecticut
  • any FRC or FTC team living in Connecticut
  • any FRC or FTC team working in Connecticut

Why join CTFAN?

  • to learn about FIRST events in Connecticut
  • to learn about volunteer opportunities with FIRST
  • to learn about job and internship opportunities
  • to get career mentoring and coaching
  • to network with fellow FIRST alums
  • to share your experiences with current FIRST participants and sponsors

To join CTFAN just click hereand provide some basic contact information.

Oh… we are planning to hold a CT FIRST Alumni Reunion at the 2009 Connecticut Regional FIRST Robotics Competition event in March. The exact details are currently being worked out, but for now keep your calendars open and look for more information to come.

On Facebook? Join the Facebook CT FAN group. On Linked In? Connect with us via the LinkedIn group.

Help the CT FIRST Alumni Network grow… Please share this message with your FIRST friends.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Will it cost anything to join CTFAN?

  • A: No, there is no fee or cost to join.

  • Q: Will my contact information be protected?

  • A: Yes. Connecticut FIRST and CTFAN are asking for your contact information for CT FIRST Alumni Network purposes only. We will not release your contact information to anyone outside of Connecticut FIRST or CTFAN without your permission.

  • Q: Is there an age limit to join CTFAN?

  • A: CTFAN is open only to post-high school alumni of FIRST programs who are over the age of 18. There is no upper age limit.

The CT *FIRST *Alumni Network (CTFAN) is a program of Connecticut FIRST.

Has any more information about the FIRST Alumni Network been announced at the week 1 regionals?