Introducing: The CoreXY Elevator

‘preciate it

most underrated joke of 2023 right here. So far.

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We joined a belt to a tube last year for our climber. You can read more about it here: FRC 2713 iRaiders 2022 Build Thread - #15 by Ty_Tremblay

It worked okay. The belt had a tendency to slip under heavy load (full robot). Wouldn’t do it again for a heavy load application, but would consider it for a lighter load. There’s likely better ways to do it, but this was our best option given our team’s constraints.

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We use these at work without any issues and the loads were much higher than anything an FRC arm should see in normal use.

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To be fair, I’ve done this before in heavier load applications and it worked great. i think the cause of the belt breaks was always the stress concentration caused by the hole we drilled in the belt. Had we not done that, we would have probably been fine.

Don’t drill holes in belts kids.

Clamp em


Is the belt supposed to be able to move the telescope in and out?

Yep. You’d use differential control to move up or down, in or out, or some combination of the two.

The first stage of the telescope would be driven by the belt. The rest would passively extend or retract based on the first stage’s position.

Thanks, for the info. My position in design is to experiment with new/existing ideas. I was thinking that a pully/winch could be attached to the rear of the telescope. The winch should be turned from the belts and in theory make everything work. I still need to cad it.