Introducing: The Falcon 500, Powered by Talon FX

VEX Robotics and Cross the Road Electronics are extremely excited to announce our next collaborative project, the Falcon 500 Brushless Motor, powered by Talon FX.

Designed to raise the bar in motor and motor controller performance, the Falcon 500 reduces size, weight, and common failure points of other motors in the FRC market, while providing more power and efficiency.

Key Features include:

  • 400W of Power @ 40A / 12V

  • 87% at peak efficiency and greater than 80% efficient from 7-50A

  • Integrated motor controller which reduces the number of potential failure points in robot wiring

  • Integrated 2048 CPR encoder, making the Falcon the first true “smart motor” in FRC.

  • Teams now have access to World Championship caliber motion control out of the box using Motion Magic out of the box using the integrated encoder

  • Built-in cooling port, allowing teams to easily cool their motors during and after matches

  • The “Falcon Shaft”, a new frustration-free shaft for FRC

  • The first motor in FRC with a replaceable output shaft

  • The first motor controller in FRC with reverse polarity protection, protecting your team’s investment in brushless motor technology

  • 1.1 lbs, and smaller than a Mini-CIM

Lots more information can be found at:

In addition to the Falcon 500, we’re also announcing our new Hex Bore Mag Encoder Housing.

This allows users to mount any SRX Mag Encoder or CAN Mag Encoder directly to a 1/2" Hex Shaft, no modifications required.

The Hex Bore Mag Encoder Housing is also designed to mount directly to any VersaBlock, or inside any VEX VersaFrame tubing. Making it even easier to mount encoders directly to a shaft or package mechanisms in a smaller footprint!

The Falcon 500, its accessories, and the Hex Bore Mag Encoder Housing will be available for pre-order starting Wednesday, November 6th. In order to get these in the hands of the community as soon as possible, product will hitting our warehouse in multiple shipments. Our first wave arrives in a few weeks, so we expect those to start shipping to customers near the end of November.

As always, VEX ships orders first-in-first-out; so, if pre-order volume exceeds the initial shipment quantity, we will update the website (and this thread) accordingly, and your orders will be delivered in a subsequent wave (arriving a few weeks after that, in mid-December). Once shipments to customers begin in late November, we anticipate being able to continuously ship Falcons through the end of 2019, and through the duration of the 2020 season.

We can’t wait for the community to get their hands on these new products, and usher in a new era of the FIRST Robotics Competition!


This looks awesome on first glance. One question, does the Talon FX motor controller program just like a Talon SRX? If we ever have the budget to try these I hope we can work with them similar to SRX controllers.

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Yes, you can program the FX just like the SRX.


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Awesome. Sorry I had skimmed right by the vex pro link.

Are there plans to sell the Talon FX separate from the Falcon? If not, is it user-servicable if part of it breaks down?


I assume that price info on these is still under wraps?

Pricing for the Falcon 500 and all its accessories can be found on their respective product pages


We were quick adopters of the NEO last year… I expect we will be for this motor this year. This thing looks awesome!


Its buried under a couple layers of links, the motor is $140.

Edit: drow beat me with the actual link gg


For those doing price comparisons the neo+spark max is $115, $25 cheaper.

EDIT I’m not trying to sabotage the thread. The benefits of the falcon 500 more than outweigh the extra 25 dollars. Just providing info to consider.


YES thank you CTR AND VEX!!!



Holy jumpin’ catfish!


Cooling port is extremely cool.


Where’s Lythgoe with an applause gif?

I’m genuinely excited at the potential flexibility this motor system can bring to our students.

Can’t wait to get our hands on some.

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My team is going to be poor because we’re going to use these ALOT


Phew you saved me! A whole $25 per motor and built in controller saved… now I just have to find a way to build in an encoder to the motor, integrated cooling and debatable a better output shaft. Do you have links to do all of this under $25 for the neo + spark max? Would love some input! :slight_smile:


This is gonna be the only motor on our robot this year now…

I’m excited about the 2048 encoder built in, shaft design and the cooling port.


Honestly, some features look like a bit of a cash grab here. Not saying that was the intent, but that’s what it looks like.
Integrated controller means that a fried motor costs even more (and vice versa of course). Also obviously prevents you from using the controller or motor with REV brushless products. I’m wondering if the motor and controller would have been separate if VEX/CTRE made it to the market before REV’s NEO.

Not offering an option for an 8mm keyed shaft makes a ton of existing hardware and products incompatible, though I totally agree that moving to a spline is the right direction.


There are no plans to make a replacement Talon FX at this time.