Introducing the Iron Devils Parts Swap!

Have a part? Need a part? Check out the Iron Devils Parts Swap!

In the spirit of Coopertition, the Iron Devils worked their tails off to create a place for FIRST teams to come and post spare parts they have, and to search for spare parts they may need.

Are you a veteran team with more wheels than you need to go around? Do you have a spare compressor and need to relieve some pressure? Do you have a spare wifi router and are just looking for a new way to communicate? Or are you just sick and tired of your mentors asking you to clean up your storage closet!?!? Here’s your opportunity to make a difference to a team in need and showcase your Gracious Professionalism.

Are you having trouble getting financial donations this year, or are your typical vendors are backordered until after World Championships? Is that one last piece you need no longer available? Are you debating salvaging your older robots to get enough parts to be competitive this year? You may be able to find what you need at the Iron Devils Parts Swap. We’ve all been there at one time or another; come see how helpful your FIRST friends can be.

The best part? It’s totally free! Check it out today at:

Wow, as a rookie team this site sounds like it will really help us out this year. Its great that there are people in first who are willing to swap parts with teams who don’t have them. Good luck everyone and thanks 1647!