Introducing the new TubeMagic Fixturing System


The only thing that would make me love this even more is if between every other toggle clamp there were alternating vertical and horizontal slots for a bolt to go directly into a T-slot nut. That likely will be the first mod we make to ours when it gets here.


So, uh, how slammed are y’all on orders?
Last year my Ozzyboards orders were packed by the following day, but I’ve got crickets in my inbox right now :wink:


These have been a bit more popular than we anticipated but most recent orders( yours included) should be sent out this week.

Orders placed in the next few days will be shipped after the 28th of December, but should arrive before Kickoff.

Sorry for the delay!


What a totally tubular product! Far out job Ozzy!


We got it, thanks!

Upgrade request for the next batch: 1/4" clearance holes down the middle of it to bolt through to T-slots/spoilboard/etc - for our setup it’s much better than c-clamps. We drilled our own, about 6 of them, 2" off the clamp side.
(We were fine putting it “with the T-slot” so I didn’t worry about exact hole-to-hole spacing, just colinearity - if you’d like the slot-to-slot distance on our Velox I can measure it and post back)


Do we want to move this thread to manufacturing? If you do mods, just delete this post after it is moved.