Introducing the new TubeMagic Fixturing System

The only thing that would make me love this even more is if between every other toggle clamp there were alternating vertical and horizontal slots for a bolt to go directly into a T-slot nut. That likely will be the first mod we make to ours when it gets here.

So, uh, how slammed are y’all on orders?
Last year my Ozzyboards orders were packed by the following day, but I’ve got crickets in my inbox right now :wink:

These have been a bit more popular than we anticipated but most recent orders( yours included) should be sent out this week.

Orders placed in the next few days will be shipped after the 28th of December, but should arrive before Kickoff.

Sorry for the delay!

What a totally tubular product! Far out job Ozzy!

We got it, thanks!

Upgrade request for the next batch: 1/4" clearance holes down the middle of it to bolt through to T-slots/spoilboard/etc - for our setup it’s much better than c-clamps. We drilled our own, about 6 of them, 2" off the clamp side.
(We were fine putting it “with the T-slot” so I didn’t worry about exact hole-to-hole spacing, just colinearity - if you’d like the slot-to-slot distance on our Velox I can measure it and post back)

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I would caution people with this fixture if they are doing a lot of milling/routing work on the fixture. Our experience so far is the toggle clamps are not high quality as our rubber ends are already breaking off on some of our toggle clamps. One of the toggle clamp wont stay locked in over center and keeps breaking loose. I think the fixture is great for popping holes with with the cnc router but the finish on the cuts we have done have not been the greatest. We will be sticking with our vise setup from last year for all our milling/routing operations and will just use the jig for drilling operations.

Just thought I would leave my teams experience. Your mileage may vary. If I were to do it again I would not spend the money on this product and instead spend the money on vises and feet for the vises. I think its a great idea but the execution and quality cant compete with other setups. For speed in changing out parts it is much faster than vises but I think it has too many shortcomings.

Hey, sorry to hear that you have been having issues with your TubeMagic. I would like to discuss more in PM about the issues you have been having and the potential causes. We will happily send you replacement toggle clamps if you have been having issues with the ones on your fixture. There are lots of different manufacturers of toggle clamps who use the standard design but there can be some variance in terms of dimensions and quality between them. We sourced toggle clamps from several different US sellers in order to meet demand quickly.

On a separate note; In order to be able to provide a quality product to all customers as well as to improve the functionality and ease of use we recently had a new version manufactured. On the new version the base is machined from a single piece of aluminium and is much much simpler to mount featuring 3 mounting positions for OMIO CNC routers as well as lots of slots and holes so it can be bolted straight to the T-slot bed of other machines. @s-neff :wink:


One thing 1678 had to do to get supreme accuracy out of the tube jig was machine the aluminum bar in-situ so it was perfectly true to our machine. As a result of this we had to contend with a small step at the limit of our Y axis travel that would skew any tube longer than 31 inches. Our solution was to cut off the last few inches of the 1/2" aluminum bar that extended past our max travel. Now we can easily run tube that is longer.

Can anyone share their experiences with the TubeMagic now that the season is over? Specifically the 2nd version


I would also like some first hand reviews, we are about to order one for our Velox.

We (2220) absolutely loved it. Super easy to use— we did all the tube for both our robots on it with no issues, other than some bent clamps at one point, but it’s easy to shuffle those around/find spares. Our entire team was completely fresh to running a CNC this year and I don’t think it would have been nearly as easy to get the results we did without it. We have the V2.


We ended up getting a TubeMagic V2 and its pretty good so far. The only two issues are the very cheap toggle clamps and the tube lift. We rendered 2 clamps useless after they bent very easily and the clamp side of the tube lifts about 0.01-0.02" before adjusting it down. It still doesn’t sit perfectly flat but we have a future easy solution for this. We will probably drill and tap a hole every two or so inches so we can put a small strap clamp to hold down the edges.

Other than those issues, it is still worth it imo. Had it setup, indicated, and cut tube in 20 minutes. We will probably get a vise to swap out for small and more accurate tubes but the TubeMagic will stay on our new router all the time unless we need the space.

All of these tubes were cut on the TubeMagic since we’re too cheap to ship 1/16" tubing for off season projects.

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