Introducing the WARP DRIVER 4004 - a portable PWM generator

Team 4004 (MARS Rovers) has developed a handheld PWM generator that allows a user to quickly and easily connect to a speed controller (Jaguar or Victor) and run a motor. We developed a basic version during our rookie year while our programming team was busy trying to figure out the cRIO.

We’ve now repackaged the unit into a nice handheld device that makes it very easy for tems to run a motor during testing and prototyping of robot designs. It also comes in handy during troubleshooting if you’re just trying to run a single motor on your robot.

AndyMark has two sample units at IRI and is considering offering them for purchase through their website. If you’re at IRI, check them out. They will also be available for purchase at the team site soon.

Check http://www.muskegonrobotics.comfor more info soon. Driver Sales Sheet.jpg

Whoa, that’s pretty cool and really useful! I am soooo going to buy one just for my hobby robots. Neat invention and awesome execution!

Thanks Wing. Our online store isn’t up yet. Please check back soon. The first set of units will be ready to ship in August.

Did I miss the purchase price somewhere?

That should be a slogan that goes on the box :smiley:

We’ve got two of these beautiful units here at AndyMark and they will be available to see at IRI.

Andy B.

Estimated Retail Price will be $50 per unit.

Do they have some kind of over-current protection on them? For testing VEX servos / motors I was using the VEX signal splitter. But I then ran into a batch of servos with shorted windings and slowly destroyed the splitter.

Awesome, when will they be available for online purchases ?

EDIT: I found the answer,

will be ready to ship in August.

I Need one of these to make My boat’s throttle.

Are they available yet?