Introduction Forum.

Possibly, after someone registers, can you redirect them to an “Introductions” forum [a sub-forum of either Chit-Chat or General Discussion] so that people can get to know each other and there is a specific forum for that kind of stuff.

Also it will help us during the season because we can have a “Let us get to know you” questionaire (sp?) and it will be easier to help people instead of having to post RTFM or RTMP and stuff.

Ex: on the intro you could have a question that says: What is rule #XYZ and they would have to copy and paste it to validate their post that way we know that they at least opened up the PDF or even better they actually knew it. [We can make the rule number static possibly? EX: Since I’m from FRC0118, I would have to pick Rule 1.18 and if there was no 1.18 I would do 1.8 or something with my team numbers.]

Anyways everything extra to just a new forum is exactly what it is - extra, so don’t worry about it. Feed back would be nice though.