Introduction to the final matches

In Atlanta on the einstein field the announcer * explained how almost all the teams are related and how they are all connected. pluse he gave them short Bios

  1. I was amazed he remembered all that
  2. I couldnt even process any of it in my mind due to lack of sleep
  3. Can anyone give me a recap?*

I don’t remember it all either but i do remember Truck Town Thunder, Da Bears, and Thunderchickens were all form Michigan.

The announcer is Dave Verbrugge. He is a GM engineer and mentor on the HOT Team. He is also a Championship Woody Flowers Award Winner (2002). Dave has been MC for Einstien for atleast the last 6 years.

First, let me say that Dave has an incredible memory, especially for FIRST history.

As for the speech there were alot of aspects covered. He started with the fact that 67 was formed in 97. The team originator for 67 discussed the program with Tom Stephens (GM), a year later another GM team 68 was formed in 98. Mentors from the HOT team presented information on FIRST to the original member of 217, in 99 they started.

In 2005 67 defeated 217 on Einstien. In 2008 217 defeated 67 on Einstein.

In 2009 67 and 217 teamed up to win two district championships (Cass Tech and Troy), defeating 68 in the Finals at Troy. And one Michigan State Championship, defeating 68 in the QF and 247 in the Finals.

In 2009 67 teamed up with 68 to win another district championship (Lansing).

Additionally, 111 defeated 217 week 1 at Midwest.

111 (2003), 67 (2005) had one Championship a piece, 217 (2006, 2008) has two.

67, 68, 217, and 247 are all Michigan teams.

I’m not sure if there was more or not…since I am no Dave Verbrugge.

But, when he announced all of the connections I had goose bumps thinking about it.

In addition to the impressive midwest presence, The Bobcats, Team 177, from South Windsor Connecticut, also have their story.

In 2007, they were the number 8 alliance in the Newton eliminations and beat the 111, 68, 2068 in the Newton semis.
They were teamed with 190, a legacy team and 978 from Las Vegas. Each team in this alliance was primarily maroon.

In 2008, they won Archimedes, but lost to 67 HOT in the semis on Einstein.

They have also won Regionals: 2006 Philly and Connecticut and Galileo.
2001 CT Regional and Galileo.

A low key team that is under the radar but consistently above the surface.

I believe you mean team 177.

Goosebumps were appropriate at that moment. My favorite aspect of the Championship is the turning point, when almost all of us make the transition from being competitors to being enthusiastic fans. The kind of fans who want to see beyond the battle taking place on the field, to the larger campaign that has taken the competitors to that battle, at that moment. Dave is a great emcee partly because he sees both the battle and the campaign, and he uses his prodigious recall to help FIRST fans share that vision.

One more fact from Dave’s intro: there were two Hall of Fame teams in the Einstein final. 67 (2005) and 111 (2006). Maybe another FIRST first?

Yes. There are now 2 HOF teams that have multiple Championship wins. Namely, 67 and 111. (The other teams with multiple wins–71, 148, 217–have yet to get their Chairman’s Awards at the Championship level.)

He mentioned 2753’s amazing status as a rookie.

He mentioned that this was the fourth year in a row the 177, the Bobcats, were on Einstein. He mentioned that if 67 and 111 won it would make 2 championships and a chairmans for each.

Everything else that I remember was already said.

Well last year there were two HoF teams in the Einstein finals: 16 and 67.

I wounder if Video of that is floating around in Media space somewhere.

Adam I also got goosebumps from watching it at home. Dave is a amazing person and I’m glad I have gotten the opportunity to get to know him the last two years. Hes very knowlegdable, and I do believe that he is probably the biggest die hard FIRST robotics fan out there.

Dave is a great guy and definitely knows his FIRST.

He also seems to always be “Looking Forward”

while he was saying all that i couldn’t help but wonder if our team is gonna have that kind of legacy someday. That whole introduction not only made my brain hurt but it sent a chill down my spine. Maybe Mark Leon could do that kind of intro for us at the Hawaii regional…and maybe someday Dave will introduce us on Einstein.

Bryce, what you said, triggered a thought:

While Dave was speaking (that seems like such a weak word with regard to what he was saying/doing), I was thinking about the consistent opportunities that some of these teams have available to help them achieve their goals and compete well. The opportunities lie in the strengths and skills their engineers bring to the team, the competitions, and to Einstein. The technical side of this whole performance can not be overlooked by teams who want to follow in their footsteps, understand the competition, and develop a strong track record. It was quite a moment to sit, mesmerized and steeped in admiration and respect for the teams, as Dave unraveled some of the store of history he carries with him that is seemingly boundless when it comes to teams and FRC.

Lets also add that 177 made it the last 4 years from each of the divisions.
That will never be replicated.

I believe they made it from every division except Curie.

ahhh!! so thats who it is??? now i know… thx…

I thought it was really cool that he remembered all of the connections.

My mom was a little startled by the whole thing, though. Said something about the matches making her think FIRST was “some Old Boy’s Club”… then I pointed out Team Overdrive :slight_smile:

Correct. In 2006, 177 seeded 2nd on Galileo, and then lost to 25, 968 and 195 on Einstein in the semis.

In 2007, 177 seeded 50th on Newton, and won the championship with 190 and 987, defeating 1124 in the newton finals.

In 2008, 177 seeded 26th on Archimedes (by 1124) and lost to 67, 16 and 348 in Einstein semis, beating 987 in division finals.

In 2009, 177 seeded 25th on Newton, and were defeated by 111, 67 and 971 in Einstein semis.

The last 3 out of their 4 consecutive appearances on Einstein have been as the 3rd partner. Never underestimate 177…

On a side note, I found it amusing listening to all this back and forth between 67, 111, 217, 68 and 247, with Mountain View just sitting pretty waiting for the match to start…

He def. has a good brain to host and harvest all this FIRST info. before, between and after matches =) thats all I’m going to say… as others have said Dave know’s his FIRST history =]

I’ve always believed that the STORIES behind the teams and their robots are far more compelling than the matches themselves. FIRST isn’t just played in the here and now: 2 minutes and 15 seconds at a time.

The Lakers and the Celtics cannot be summed up in a single game, nor can the Yankees and the Red Sox, or the Leafs and the Habs. Decades of history, rivalry, and even controversy give character to something until it that evolves beyond just throwing a ball through a hoop, putting a bat to a ball, a puck into a net, or even a moonrock to a trailer.

Thankfully, for those of you who’ve had the pleasure of being at an event that Karthik MCs, you will know the importance of these stories, their histories, and how every match is a new chapter written in the FIRST tome. He’s consistently been one of the greatest historians/storytellers I’ve ever met in all of FIRST, and believe me the community has benefited immensely from it.

Dave Verbrugge’s introduction really exemplified how much the FIRST community (and those beyond) need to hear these stories. Not enough of us are telling them, and even fewer are documenting them.