introductory level programming

Hey guys, I’m an introductory level C programmer (and I do mean introductory, I’m just about finished with the C For Dummies book), and I was wondering if you guys had any very simple introductory level projects I could work on to get more comfortable with the C language. This is just for me by the way, out team plans on using LabView to program the robot :slight_smile:

I assume you’ve done ‘Hello World’?

yes I’ve done hello world, I’m just looking for some good project ideas so I can get more used to the language, I understand functions and switch case and all that bit so I’m not a total noob, but I haven’t made anything useful and that’s kinda what I was lookin for.


try writing a bank account program, with deposits, withdrawls, passwords, etc. you could even have it write the values to a text file, if you know file IO. you can readily customize the difficulty to your skill level.

that’s actually a really good idea…I think I’ll try that one thanks :slight_smile: