Intuitive Foundation Grant Application Now Open (2020-2021)

The application for the Intuitive Foundation’s 2020-2021 grant is now open!

From the application portal:

The Intuitive Foundation will review each application and evaluate teams based on the following criteria:

  1. The team must have competed in at least one official robotic competition (e.g. FIRST-sponsored FRC, FTC, etc.).
  2. The team exposes students to STEM who would otherwise not have access.
  3. The team multiplies the impact of our investment by promoting interest in STEM outside of their organization.
  4. The team fosters growth and development of future scientists and engineers through well developed and successful teams.

Teams can apply at All applications must be submitted by October 30, 2020, and selected teams will be notified in December.


Are you an Intuitive employee? If so, we’d love to use you as our referral.

I am an employee, but the referral should be someone who has some kind of connection to your team (a relative of a student or mentor, an alumni of the team or school, etc). People spreading the word to a large number of teams aren’t intended to count as referrals, so if they see a large number of applications listing the same person as a referral they don’t count those referrals for rubric points.

But honestly don’t worry about it, the mentor and referral points are pretty trivial compared to the Big Four criteria listed above*

*with the usual caveat that my statements are based on last year, and I haven’t received any non-public information on what, if anything, will be different this year


Hi. Do you know if recipients have been notified yet?

I don’t believe so. Last I heard we were aiming to notify everyone by the end of December, but I haven’t heard any updates about whether or not we’re still on track for that.

I’m dumb and missed this application by a day this year. Kicking myself for it.

We were emailed by FIRST HQ that our Intuitive Grant was processed into our FRC account today.

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We got the same!

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I got the same email that Allen mentioned from FIRST HQ. Its in our FRC account. :slight_smile:

Thank you to the original poster who shared about this grant.


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We were notified today as well.

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I guess I spoke just a couple hours too soon! :laughing: Teams should be getting an email from the Intuitive Foundation in the next couple days as well.

The email my team got also said “the Foundation will require an end-of-year report from each of our sponsored teams. We will send you more details on the requested summary information later in the season.” So if you see the grant show up in your account but no one in your team gets an email from the foundation in the next week or two, it would be worth reaching out to [email protected] (after first checking whether it went to spam).


We got a ding letter, but it had very thorough feedback on how to improve for future applications. That’s an extra mile we didn’t expect, but certainly appreciate.

/looks at Chairman’s judges/


Although I didn’t get to submit this time around, let me know if you want to see my prior year’s submission for an approved example.

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