Intuitive Foundation Grant Application Now Open (2021-2022)

The application for the Intuitive Foundation’s 2021-2022 grant is now open!

From the application portal:

The Intuitive Foundation will review each application and evaluate teams based on the following criteria:

  1. The team must have competed in at least one official robotic competition (e.g. FIRST-sponsored FRC, FTC, etc.).
  2. The team exposes students to STEM programs and inspires them to pursue STEM who otherwise might not have had the opportunity.
  3. The team multiplies the impact of our investment by promoting interest in STEM outside of their organization.
  4. The team fosters growth and development of future scientists and engineers through well developed and successful teams.

Also note that to be eligible, the team must have competed within the past five years, and must intend to register for the upcoming season. Teams from anywhere in the world are welcome to apply.

Teams can apply at Applications are due October 29, 2021, and selected teams will be notified in December.


Another note: Please pay very close attention to which email address you put down as your contact info, and be sure to whitelist [email protected] in your spam filter. Every year there are multiple teams who don’t get the email, don’t remember what email address they put down, etc. Don’t let it be you!


Bump! Just wanted to remind everyone that the application is due next week. We are looking forward to reading all of your wonderful entries!


Thank you for this great opportunity, my team is currently working on our application and we really appreciate the support we have received from Intuitive Foundation in the past.

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Thank you for the reminder! We’ve got ours about 90% complete.

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Can you not apply for this grant if you are tax exempt? There is no option for tax exempt on the application.

I think you should be able to - or at least, I’m not aware of any restriction that would disqualify tax exempt organizations. If none of the options for “Tax Status” are a good description of your team’s organization, DM me and I can put you in touch with someone who can advise.

Yes that was our problem, none of the status’s were a good description for our team.

Hi, we’re trying to fill out our application but choosing a state (from the USA) is a required field, even when choosing another country (we’re from Israel).

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Great catch, I’ll ask our grant coordinator if she can fix the form or advise how you should answer.

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She says there’s no way to edit the form at this point, but we will fix it next year. For this year, just pick any state and we will make a note of the issue so it doesn’t cause any confusion for the review panel.


Ok, thank you!

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Reminder all that this grant is due on FRIDAY! I’ll personally be pushing my students to finish this tomorrow.

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Reminder that applications are due TODAY! We see lots of applications sitting in “draft” right now, don’t forget to finish up and hit “submit”!

Getting ours dialed in now! What hour does it close?

Thank you for continuing to sponsor teams! I know it’s been challenging on a number of fronts for teams, non-profits and other organizations that help out FIRST.


Thanks again for providing this. When should we expect to hear back about decisions?


Probably in the next week or two, I would guess. Definitely before Christmas.


Do you know if these have been released yet? If we haven’t heard back, should we assume we did not receive it?


They have not been released yet, the committee is finalizing the list and hopefully results will go out in the next couple days. Typically teams are notified of the decision whether they are selected or not.