Intuitive Foundation Grant Application Now Open

I tried to apply above link but it doesn’t work, Could you please check or correct it?
Thank you.

Link worked for me.

The link works for me as well. I’ll DM you and see if we can troubleshoot.

Thank you for your interest. I have sent to you my screenshot when I press the link.

I just went to the address in your screenshot and got the same error message. Try adding 6044 after the final =, this fixed it for me. I don’t know why the link is redirecting you to the wrong place but works for others.

Or try copy-pasting into your address bar, this is where the link redirects me normally which looks slightly different from the address in your screenshot.

Thank you very much @snichols. The link is working.

Do you have any idea of when results should come out?

I believe we’re targeting the last week of November, maybe first week of December. Last year we got them out just before Thanksgiving but we have a slightly different process this year so I can’t guarantee anything.

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Is the time frame still looking the same? Thanks!

I believe so. The committee chair confirmed last month that our goal the same this year (to send out the announcements to teams by Thanksgiving), but I haven’t heard any updates on whether we’re still on track to meet that. I wouldn’t expect it to be too much later though.

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Thank you guys so much!! Just got the email notification

Were only winning teams notified?

No, we were denied and we were emailed that we were denied.

ok thanks

Anyone else not get a notification either way?

I have not received a response yet, but it’s also a busy time of year for everyone. :slight_smile:

I’m happy being patient.


We were notified that we got the grant yesterday!

Do you know if some teams weren’t notified? Thanks so much!

I have not been notified yet either way.