Invention showdown pics

There are pics in the media section of my website.

it would be sweet to have a segway with the cargo module you could take things like projects to school etc

Yea, that would be great to have, but where could you keep the Segway during school…
Maybe it could be chained up with the bikes people ride to school.
Or actually, there is a special key to start the Segway, so if someone took it it would be hard to actually be able to use.

Either way that is a good site. Good job wpatt. :slight_smile:

just keep it in a teachers room like the robotics instructor or in the main office i am sure they would probably let you

Now do you see the great picture of Einstine riding the Segway?

'Nuff said.

Do you think Dean is responsible for the picture, or some random teche geek?

How about his father?

His dad was a drawer for Mad Magazine and painted all the pictures in DEKA and Dean’s house. That includes all the Einsien’s there.