Inventor 11 and vista

As many of you know, Windows Vista does not like to play nice with many important applications. Tonight i went to install Autodesk Inventor 11 which i need desperately. And of course, in true windows fashion, it was not compatible. After about 7 failed attempts i finally stumbled upon a thread on the Autodesk forums that helped. I don’t know how many people here use Vista, but if you do in the future and need to install inventor try this:

  1. Skip using Media Browser. Go directly to the Inventor Setup.exe and set compatibility to XP SP2.
  2. Install as Administrator
  3. Set Inventor.exe to run in XP SP2 compatibility mode
  4. Right click, run as Administrator.

Hopefully Autodesk makes their software compatible, but I just wanted to post this to save people the aggravation.

It seems that Autodesk is working to make the next versions of its software compatible with Vista. But since it isn’t currently supported for Vista, Inventor isn’t reliable when running that way and it’s best to stick with XP.

So far I haven’t had any problems. I’m sure you are correct and eventually i will find what i can’t do with inventor running on vista. But at this point It is working good enough for my needs.

I found one of those problems, for some reason after about a week i have lost the ability to save my files :eek: . I’m still trying to find a way around this.

do you know if there new versions will still work with xp because vista is still flawed and i wont switch over till i actually half to. because xp is now starting to work right.

The best info on compatibility is usually found on Autodesk’s Inventor pages.

FWIW, Vista is still not listed, even for Inventor 2008.

Vista is listed as supported for the 2008 suite

Can you provide a link to a page that says that?

I’ve heard from many websites and representatives of Autodesk that the 2008 suite will not support Vista. Though it **may ***be possible to run on Vista, it will not be officially supported.

The only thing listed on the page that Pete posted with support for Vista is Autodesk Data Management Server.

  • ‘May’ as in, ‘Don’t count on it.’

Ah ok, my mistake. Autodesk Data Management Server is the only one supported. I read through the page Pete linked too quickly. Well i guess that leaves me with 2 options, dual boot vista and XP so i can run inventor, or buy the new solid works this may.

i attempted to follow your steps and it did not work for me when trying to install inventor…i got through step 1 and 2 no problem…specifically what do i do in step 3 and 4…thanks

Basically, right click on the desktop icon and then go to “properties” and then the “compatibility” tab. from there you can check the boxes for the compatibility mode and to run as admin. if you get it working i would like to request a favor, can you try and save any random file, then try and open it. let me know what happens because i can’t save files anymore for some reason.

Ive done the compatibility thing, but when i click run as administrator it still goes through the media browser thing, how do i avoid that

If you have an old computer that can be scrapped or some money, I suggest getting another hard drive that is about 20 gigs or more depending on how much you use Inventor. Once you have this hard drive install XP on it and than you have an option of which one you would like to use for what applications. This is what I did back in the day between 95, 98, 2000, ME, and XP. It is a bit of a pain but at least it is failsafe.

I have a laptop so i cant really put another hard drive in, although i do have a 250 gig external

I wonder if you could you install a VM (like Parallels), and run XP and Inventor in the VM?

I have Inventor running inside Microsoft Virtual PC on my Vista laptop. It is has a T5200 processor, and 2G of memory. Inventor runs very slowly and I was looking more at a dual boot solution. Perhaps I will try the Parallels and see how it works.

you have to look through the folders until you find the setup file specifically for inventor, it’s a pain in the butt. Unless you MUST use inventor i’d say don’t bother, you can’t save any files so w/e you do it basically useless. personally I’m waiting for the new solid works student edition to come out in may, which is fully vista compatible.

I’m sure you could run inventor in a VM ware environment, but personally i don’t feel like spending $50 for parallels in order to run it.

Yeah this basically sucks, i hate not having a cad program available

In my opinion I think Autodesks major downfall will be not making their software vista compatible early on in Vistas growth, being their leading competitors next software release will be compatible.

its certainly not going to help their matters