Inventor 11 installation problem


I have an Inventor 11 installation problem.
I have Inventor 10 installed from last year, and I’m getting this error while trying to install Inventor 11. Attached is the screen shot of the problem.
Also, for some reason, I can’t open the autodesk KOP with inventor 10.


hmm, i say you need to do this:

take a screen shot without that there.
uninstall inventor 10
install inventor 11
gimme details so i can instalur old inventor 10.
post picture of your backround back here on cd.
enjoy inventor 11.


It seems to me the obvious solution is to install SP2 if you want to keep Inventor 10 on you machine with Inventor 11. (And there is good reasons why you might want to have both on the same machine.) You can search Google for the Autodesk site to get Inventor service packs.
Before you install Inventor 11 also search Google on the terms, Error 1406 Flash 8, and follow the instructions. Be sure to turn off your virus scanner during installation.

well i downloaded it from the student autodesk site. after it took about 4 hours, i had the 1406 error message. it said somehting about not having the key. eventhough i wrote it down and didn’t have a time where it asked me for it yet.

so i got a key and no inventor…

error 1406 is the most common of inventor installation errors. If you go to the autodesk site and search for error 1406 you will be to troubleshoot, but I did the searching for you :

igot the same error when i installed as well, but its not fatal to the installation process, just look through that link.

thanks thanks! i can now make parts and designs and concepts that i am sure all of you will be seeing… :wink:

So is there any way to just get an Inventor 11 upgrade or do I have to uninstall Inventor 10?


You have a choice of:
Apply SP2 to Inventor 10 - you can download this from Autodesk’s site;
Uninstall Inventor 10;

Then re-try installing Inventor 11. I’d go with the service pack. Then, you could continue to use 10 if you have installation problems with Inventor 11.

The Autodesk Virtual KOP was created with Inventor 11, so you won’t be able to open it in Inventor 10.