Inventor 2008 // last thread EVER about chains in Inventor?

Inventor 2008 is here:

The new version has many new features and abilities, including better management of sketch constraints, changes to the interface, new surace and solid modeling tools, improvements to Dynamic Simulation, integration between Dynamic Simulation and Stress Analysis, Stress Analysis for more than one part at once, better feedback on conflicting constraints, derived assemblies, ribbon cables, and ROLLER CHAIN GENERATOR!

Link to video content of new features. Awesome stuff.

Nice stuff. The roller chain generator includes power curves which should help us spec the right sizes for our drives and arms. I wonder if Studio will animate them… If not, I don’t think this will be the last thread EVER.

Interesting that they changed to year from version number, and still no Vista in the OS list.

How soon does FIRST switch over to the latest version of Inventor ?
I.E. Will FIRST start using 2008 next year ?

Hi folks,

It’s a rather full release, to be sure. I encourage you to read the the Features & Specifications page to get a full picture.
Also take a look at the Manufacturing Community portal.

We expect to roll out R2008 to the teams for the coming season; more information will be available as we get closer to September.

Autodesk Inventor

How soon does FIRST switch over to the latest version of Inventor ?
I.E. Will FIRST start using 2008 next year ?

I downloaded the chain generator video at the website, check it out

It’s REALLY good

A chain generator?! :eek:

Thank you Autodesk! :smiley:

All i have to say is wow, for once i will not have to model a chain piece and constrain them together. thank god, the only bad thing about this will be if the chain isnt optimized and it lags when you work. but the solution for that will be that you dont put it on till the end. its still an amazing feature :slight_smile:

I hate to be the barren of bad news bet the chain generator is not all that it is said to be attached it a pic when i get a chance](

Yeah, but at least it generates good sprockets automatically. While this may not be the best feature for the awards submisions, it is very good for developing a design.

something new i found it the inventor studio has a new affect Realistic or illustration