Inventor 201 Whitepaper

Last Winter Rich Kressly asked if I’d help get a couple of teachers up to speed with Inventor. The result was a day of consulting and three “study guides”: Inventor 101, 201 and 301.

I have finally gotten around to posting what I think will be of the most interest to neophyte Inventor users and those more experienced people helping them get up to speed. Inventor 201 is divided into four parts (to get past the 3 MB whitepaper barrier - sorry to skirt the system, Brandon):

Part 1 - Features
Part 2 - Workplanes, more features & constraints
Part 3 - Sketch sharing, ribs, fillets & chamfers
Part 4 - Projecting features onto and through curved surfaces

As I note in the whitepaper description, this is not a tutorial. While users probably can learn the skills it discusses without an instructor, it does not go into a lot of detail on each step.

I’ll be happy to help out anyone who needs it - just email or message me.