Inventor 2010 Parts Kit complications

I have downloaded the the 2010 FRC parts for inventor and when i try to open some of the files, for example the andy mark Chasis, it doesn’t bring in all the parts or doesn’t open it at all. Just wondering if others were having the same problem and would be a big help! Thanks:D

I had no problem opening the 2010 KoP chassis from AndyMark.

Its hard to tell what your exact problem is, but one thing is you need to remember to keep all of the individual part files in that same “active project” folder as the assembly. If not, Inventor will have a hard time locating all the parts of the assembly, and might open with missing parts.

Yeah, im just a rookie really with inventor and we’re a new team this year, but i’m trying to think of other ways to describe the problem. I think there might have been a problem with the content center library and we tryed updating it which it did add some bolts to the overall image but still couldn’t load some things on the image.:confused:

Your source for the KOP parts will make a difference with what you can do with the part files. If you got them from Andymark the are standard part files. If you got them from Autodesk most are part files that a relatively new feature called base solids. Basically this limits editing of standard parts. Example: Frame rails can only have their length change by moving a face while in the solid editor. I have not played with it much but this is what I found so far. I can see this being used in industry but is a little cumbersome for our team at this point. Hope this helps.

W.R. team 1922 OzRam

it’s because parts were placed from the content center
and on a side not: the chassis was assembled wrong

Hi all,

I have had a couple of comments on the chassis. The intial posting on the\first site matched the original design prior to kick off. A design change has since been implemented. I have uploaded a new assembly file to match the assembly design change.

Any questions on this, please contact [email protected]

We’ve recently downloaded an update on content center after we had already downloaded the parts for inventor. It has brought in some new parts when i try briniging up some pieces, but hardly any though, maybe like 12 bolts on the chaisis.