Inventor 2020 Not opening

Our school has lost its ability to open Inventor 2020 but only on the school computers that are on the school’s network and license for inventor. Inventor will show its loading screen however it will proceed to not open inventor. We are through a school and I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and how they can fix it without just using computers not from the school? Some other ideas we had were to just use personal computers and the few laptops we have, and the other is to revert back to Inventor 2019 but that creates a whole mess of issues too.

This is caused with the licensing applet in it having a problem. It can be caused sometimes by a firewall or you not having updated the autodesk licensing applet or maybe the school does not have a valid license anymore? If you look at the progress bar on the bottom it gets stuck about 25% along the way then that is it. See if you are up to date on the licensing program and if not download and install/update it

Since they are school computers, you should submit a ticket with the It department, they’ll know if they still have the licensing or if they need to do something to fix it.

IT has been working on it and they can’t find anything

Try that one if you have the rights

Go into services
find Autodesk Desktop Licensing Service

Make sure its running - set it so it runs automatically on startup. If its not running start it. If it does not start - you have an old/wrong version download it from Autodesk and remove the old one and install the new on. if its running try starting inventor 2020 after verifying it is running. I had to do that on one of my computers after a while.

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