Inventor 2021 Chain Generator

Full detail chain generator for Inventor 2021. Like my last generator, the controls are all in one form. Has options for chain style (25 or 35), both sprocket tooth counts, and the total number of links in the chain. The center distance shown is the exact calculated center distance.

From my experience, the chains generated from this don’t cause a noticeable performance issue. The astute obverver will notice that some of the distances between links are slightly more than the pitch of the chain: this was necessary to make it possible to use and will not noticeably affect the size of the chain model vs the chain in real life.

If there is enough (read: any) demand for an Inventor 2020 copy of this file, I’ll make that at my earliest convenience.

Inventor 2021 Chain (1.3 MB)


I haven’t upgraded to 2021 yet but I’m curious how you made the model. I made similar parametric files back in April for 25 chain, 35 chain and 5mm HTD belts.

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Does this generator work for 25H chain as well?

Currently that’s not an option, but it wouldn’t be much of a problem to add it. However, I don’t have a detailed CAD model for 25H chain, so I can’t add it at the moment.

It’s basically just rectangular patterns along the pitch line for the chain links. The only iLogic I used was to automatically delete all the chain links I didn’t want, as there was no way to get the outer link even close to accurate if I did it without the iLogic. All of the pitch diameter/center distance calculations are just done in the equation list.

As someone still on 2020, I would love to see a 2020 version!

That sounds similar to how I set mine up. I didn’t need to use any iLogic but I was able to get the links to pattern the way I wanted them to. I do have the slight misalignment with the pins too, I chalked it up to where I have the solid bodies positioned for the pattern. But the amount it was off was so small I didn’t notice at first.

Finally got around to making this. It should work exactly the same as the 2021 version, and to be quite honest the inside controls are set up nicer so it should be easier to fix or expand if needed.

25 and 35 Chain Generator (Inventor 2020).zip (1.3 MB)

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Thanks so much!

There’s just an ipt with nothing to edit, am I missing something?

He has everything set up as variables in the parameters.

Have you really been editing it like this? I set up an iLogic Form and purposefully made the variables hard to read specifically to dissuade messing with the variables by hand.

I just took a quick look at the model, forgot to look at the iLogic form.

edit: using the iLogic Form to edit the part is much easier.

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