Inventor 7 different from Inventor 8?

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Is there any difference in the two, because im in a class now where we use it and i want to be able to work on it from home also. I have 7 but they use 8 and we wont be able to use it for about 3 weeks! so im, wondering because im so impatient, if there is a difference between the two; like enough to make it where i cant use them both.

i think 6 and 7 were usable but 8 you cant… which im trying to say is, the files are transferable from 6 and 7 but you cant with 8… umm… ah, compatible… i think thats the word…

i don’t know about transfering but I’ve worked a little on 8 this year and besides the wiring, pipes, and new constraint driven stuff there isn’t much of a difference.

i got the email from FIRST about the ADA autodesk academy,they clearly state 3ds max 7 but they dont mention which Inventor if 8 or 9. does anyone know for SURE which one were getting?and, are the sending it out to all the teams that signd up or just the ones who have paid for there regionals?

Generally speaking, Inventor files cannot be transfered backwards between different releases of the program. This has been the case as far back as I’ve used Inventor (v5.0). From a later release you can always open a file created with an earlier release, but not vice-versa.

I can’t say for certain that v8 is what will be shipped, but that is the most likely candidate. Autodesk released v9 last summer and for the last few years they’ve shipped FIRST that year’s previous release (8 in this case).

If you have v7 and don’t want to wait for v8 to get started, I’d say just do it - you can always use your v7 work in v8.

For anyone doing anythig with inventor, hiighly reommend downloading the Autodesk Inventor Viewer,its up to v9 now, bascily you can make file from any version and view them in this read only program for easy viewing, good for presenting and explaining your robot to the team

When is is that we get the new software? I originally thought that it came in the kit, but the first animation is due in December, and it says that we can use 3ds 6 or 7

I just got Inventor 9 and WOW… the only thing i dont like, is you cannot save down files in version 9. I E autocad 2004/2005 lets you save as .DXF,R-14, Autocad2000, etc. I wish Inventor could do the same :rolleyes:

I just received the package from AutoDesk and they sent the ADA which includes Inventor V8 (w/ MechDesktop 2004), ArchDesktop 2005, Viz 2005, AutoCad Revit Series 2, 3dsmax 7, and their Curriculum. We have not paid for any event yet.

Roger that! Thanks for the heads up

Hows Many Lisences does everything have?, in the email they made it sound like only 3ds max 7 had 25 lisences