inventor 7 to 3ds max 5

hi everyone,

im relatively new to inventor and max.

im having problems exporting stl/iges to max.

it only happens sometimes, but parts of my model are removed and distorted when imported into max.

is there a problem with revolving in inventor?

please help me asap as i have an interview very soon.

thanks : )

Some of these may help.

There were a couple more too, so if you want to look at those just use the search feature at the top.

You might want to check in on the Autodesk site for patches that address the issue.

You’re not the only one to have this problem. There is some fabled .dll in inventor 7 to convert to .max according to Phil (from the infamous duo Ted and Phil), butwe could never find it. As far as missing verticies in .iges, .iges is like that; it just plain sucks. Unfortunantly, it’s really the only way to go from inverntor to max that I know of, so good luck fixing it. What I’ve been doing with our bot is putting it in iges and fixing it in max.

Start Max
Under the Customize Menu choose Plugins Path
Choose the Additonal Plugin Tab
Add a new path


my system is c:\program files\autodesk\inventor\bin

Click use path ( It can be named inventor )

Close Max and restart.

Under the File Import, Inventor files are now available, both part files and assembly files.

It imports the files as an editable mesh

Assemblies import into max in one scene as seperate objects in named Filename01 Filenaem02 etc…

**I’m pretty sure that I got this from a previous CD thread.