Inventor Award Judging

Did anyone get an email for the inventor award saying they went to the second round of judging? Cause Nationals is coming up this week and i was wondering if my hard work is being judged or some error came up and i am not being judged? if anyone has any information on the inventor award it would be great. thanks

I got nothing too, anyone get anything?

They’ve always done rounds before they just never made it public and they’ve never sent e-mails before stating whether or not you made it into another round.

that explains that.

good luck to everyone.


[Below is what I posted to the Autodesk Streamline site. Please note we actually received 89 entries, not 100.]

We received nearly 100 entries this year! This is a tremendous response and double the entries from 2005. Everyone should be proud of what they accomplished, especially in the 6 week timeframe with the pressure of not just designing but building your robots as well.

In an effort to be more objective about the scoring, we rated all entries on a host of factors, each contributing to the total score of 100, with 10 potential bonus points for Animations. We had 15 judges look at all 100 entries, and at least 3 judges look at the teams which passed the first round.

We encourage you to take a look at each other’s designs. How did one team use sheetmetal? How did one team layout their website? Should you use Inventor Studio to demonstrate a function of the robot? These are the kinds of questions and challenges we pose for next year.

In all, great year, and congratulations to the winners!