Inventor Award submissions

so who else submitted for the inventor award this year? and if so post a link to your website.

Team 303
Team 303 inventor website

Here is 234’s Inventor Award website. Enjoy!

Cyber Blue Inventor Award

Team 11 entered this year. (I believe this is our first ever entry, though I can’t vouch for any year prior to the 04-05 season.)
Team 11 Inventor Entry

Well, team 1742 has an entry this year, though we’re a rookie team with all rookie members/mentors/sponsors ect, so don’t expect too much. :slight_smile:
I’m proud of what we managed to accomplish with a 7 member team though.

Team 1742 Inventor Site

Team 114 has always used Inventor, but never submitted the award on time. This is the first year we actually turned it all in on time, so here it is!

Team 114 Inventor Site

We probably should have spent more time on web design, but it was all we could throw together in a couple of days.

I’ve gotta say, that’s a great entry, especially for a rookie team. (Team 11’s first entry is this year, our 10th year, and you’ve got the same or better quality that we, or any other more experienced team, have) Good job! (I expect great things in the future…)

This is our team’s first year that we used inventor or any CAD program, none of our team members or mentors had any knowledge of the program. Three members of our team learned the program from scratch. We were one of two teams from Israel which submitted an entry for this competition.

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75’s inventor site

Great Inventor Award websites all around, especially team 1657’s, that site is awesome!

I can see that everyone put a lot of work into their designs. There’s going to be a lot of competition for the Inventor Award. Nice job everybody!

This is one of my favorite times of the year…

When you all post cool CAD designs. :slight_smile:

Good work all … Keep 'em comming.

Here’s our website. We have two CADers. How many do y’all have on your team? Everyone has such awesome looking CAD!! Nice job everyone!!

Wow! There are some really amazing Inventor entries out there! Amazing job everyone! Keep them coming, it’s awesome getting to see everyone’s pride and joy!

294 (some technical issues have made the site a tad late)

This is our teams first submission for the autodesk inventor award.

Brooklyn Tech’s Inventor website

This is our first submission as well.

Team 269 Website