Inventor CAD Library

After reading about how Solidworks releases a KOP for each season with common parts, I was wondering if there was a similar thing for Inventor. I have looked for a library with no luck. Sometimes there is a certain part on the manufacturers website but more often than not, the part that I am looking for doesn’t have a CAD file. Is there a central location where I can download common parts that I would probably use during build season like motors, roborio, or gearboxes?

Inventor releases the whole kit of parts every year.

The specific components you mention are almost always available on the manufacturer’s website, usually in a universal STEP format.

Where is this KOP located?
Scroll down this page.

Here’s the Inventor COTS parts library I’ve put together over the past few years. I’ve downloaded a variety of STEP files from AndyMark and Vex and converted them to .ipt / .asm files. It has a common set of gears and motors and such instead of every part having its own copy of a particular gear. It is not perfect (the fasteners are a bit of a mess for example), but there’s good stuff in here. (300 MB)

Thank you so much!


Let me know if you have everything you need.

As always Autodesk will be posting the field model and KOP for 2015 immediately after the Kick Off event on January 3, 2015.

Thanks to those who directed Zealli to Inventor KOP.