Inventor Classes

I decided to start an Inventor Class for interested kids that started the robotics course at our School…so I developed a schedule for the classes:

1º class:

  • Program’s Structure
  • Make a project
  • 2d Sketch and tools

2º class

  • 3d navigation
  • 3d basic tools
  • exercises

3º class

  • how to place work planes
  • Project geometry/project cut edges
  • Assembly

4º class

  • A Challenge :slight_smile: , I will give them something kind of complex to make, which uses everything they learned

5º class

  • Adaptivity
  • Sheet Metal

6º class

  • Standard.idw
  • Final Project

7º class

  • Final Project

This final project will be a device with all parts described with .idw files and a working assembly, which must be developed by the student, to execute a function that I didn’t think about yet.

So, I’ve already given the first class, it was very good. I need opinions for this schedule of classes, have I forgotten any important thing for begginers? Is there anything I should change?


i think an important addition to the class would be about proper dimensioning and you might want to introduce the concepts of GD&T when you talk about your final .idw i would also say cover the idw before sheet metal because that is very important for making parts or having them sent out as opposed to sheet metal which might only be used some of the time.

other then that it looks great maybe you can wrap your course material into a white paper so everyone can have this lecture set.

I tried to do something similer, but dispite apparent intrest, everyone seemed to have other pressing concerns that they wanted to do otherwise. Are these people those that have shown real intrest or thse that think Inventor is cool (which it is by the way)? I agree that you should cover the .iwd (drawing) sooner than sheet metal. In my failed lessons, I had them start, after a brief introduction, by making something simple, to try and keep them interseted. Apparently it didn’t work, but maybe it was because I’m boring when I was teaching. I managed to teach lessons 1 and 2 and discuss lesson 3 with one of the people that was more intrested in seeing what I was doing than learning.

My schedual when along the lines of: 1)intro and basic part, 2)More complex parts 3)Assemblies 4)Mass and iProperties (because we use them a lot). Then I was going to do: 5)drawings, 6)projects and sheetmetal 7)anything else I could think of.

But people didn’t stick around enough for much beyond lessons 1 and 2.
I hope you have move luck than I did.

Thanks for the tips…I’ll change the schedule of the classes ASAP

I’ve already given a crash course before the kickoff, in 4 lessons I could teach all the basics about 2d sketch, parts and assembly

I noticed that you must give them stuff to design, they enjoy more and make them don’t forget what they learned, try to make it less theoretical

I just posted as a whitepaper an Inventor study guide covering some slightly advanced topics. See my post announcing it for more info, or go to the technical whitepapers.

I have some more of this kind of material which I plan to post when I get the time. Inventor 101 fills in some of the gaps in Autodesk’s Getting Started tutorials, and Inventor 301 goes into assemblies, constraints and a little sheetmetal (but the document needs a bit of work before it goes public).

Very good material that you posted there!

I’ve just given my second lesson, covering Extrude, Revolve and related tools like Fillet and Chamfer, also some important work planes notions and a little bit about assemblies
I made them design the FIRST regular trophy, which involves everything I taught so far (accept for Revolve), and a flower vase for them to understand how revolve works, since it’s a little difficult for some people.

We have a couple tutorials here