Is any one besides me really excited about the inventor contests…it gives us designers opportunity to shine as much a animation…and since our whole robot was designed in inventor and tested in inventor before building…i think we might be in the running…

Gabe G.

team 384

Just curious, how many people did you have to have inventing in invventor to get that to happen? Our team was going to do somting similar with a CAD program, but it totally fell apart. How did it work out for you?

He has no life, that’s why :wink: .

I’m modeling every part I can’t find on-line for our robot. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get people to extremely detailed designs before we really got to builing, so I have to go back afterward. At least the deadline isn’t until after the robot is shipped out.

Don’t worry too much. Robot shipping is tomorrow and I still have not got most of the drawings for the robot. I am starting to see it as “If I don’t get the drawings, I am going to have more free time.” Sad, but true.