Inventor Crashes

Hi everyone,

I am quite new to Autodesk Inventor 2011. I have been making parts, and doing tutorials for the past week, and Inventor has been perfectly stable. However, finishing a specific sketch has become impossible, because every time I try to add a specific constraint, it crashes. I have posted the file at:

I have added a couple of things, to help you find the error: There is a line sticking out of the rectangle; If you follow the line into the rectangle, it ends at a point. That point is in between two triangles. And if you try to add a dimension from the right side of the left triangle to the left side of the right triangle, Inventor crashes.

Does anyone know how this could be fixed?



Just tried it and added a dimension of .25" and it worked. I attached my version of the file.

Lift.ipt (120 KB)

Lift.ipt (120 KB)

Im not sure if this can solve your problem but if I use a 32 bit system with 32 bit inventor I can recreate your inventor crashing problem. When I use my 64 bit system it works just fine. I hope this helps in some way

Lift.ipt (119 KB)

Lift.ipt (119 KB)

To the OP, I’ve found that Inventor 2011 seems to work best on 64-Bit systems with 4+ GB of Memory and 2.6GHz Processor +. Both my Work and Home Computers run 2011 on 64-Bit Windows 7 with 6GB of Memory and have 2.67 and a 2.9x GHz processor respectively.

When we did a Training Class at my Job there were a handful of 32 Bit computers that were a bit underpowered (2GB of Ram, 2GHz Processor) and they would crash as Inventor did some of the more complicated feature calculations.

It seems that it is possible for some of the sketch geometry and constraints to become so complicated that your Computer cannot solve them correctly which leads to crashing. I’d Suggest looking into upgrading your computer if possible.

Your first sketch is not fully constrained.
You should not repeat dimensions, use equal = contraints in place of repeated dimensions.

You should not repeat sketch geometry (in most cases, and this is one of them).
Do an experiment - right click while in this sketch and select Show All Constraints.

The better method would be to create one hole (or typical geometry) and the Pattern Feature.
It is usually better to patter a feature than to pattern a sketch to reduce the number of geometry constraints.