Inventor Drawing for star rod?

My team, 2171, is looking to add some 500 Cross Hex Tube for support on our robot. I can not seem to able to find an inventor drawing which my team can use. I have look around Andy Mark and through the Autodesk Kit of Parts. If any can point out where I can find a drawing of it and/or post a link to one, it would be wonderful. Here is a link to it on Andy Mark:


Can I ask why you aren’t just creating it yourself? It isn’t a complicated shape and doesn’t even have to be perfect to approximate weight or function…

Agreed. Just make a hexagon, extrude, then pattern a semicircle intrusion and cut a hole in the center.

I have created a simplified version of the it, I merely was wondering if correct .ipt was available.

I understand what you’re looking for, but if you want the correct version, the best option is to measure the real thing and create the file to the length and the exact size that your actual part happens to be. Even a cheap set of calipers will get you within a few thousandths.

You never know if parts will vary from production run to production run. When I teach my CAD classes I always use the example of a piece of printer paper… How often do you think an 8.5X11 sheet of paper is exactly 8.5X11 and perfectly square in the corners?

Measure what you have in front of you. Not only do you get to have the exact representation of what you actually are working with, but you also get the benefit of learning how to create a new object that might make you think a little.