Inventor Entry

I have a few questions concerning the Inventor award entry.

  1. Is there a size limit for the whole submission?
  2. Is there a size limit for a file?
  3. Am I supposed to send all the phases?

If somebody thinks there is something else that I should know, then please say so.


There is no size limit for the whole submission
No size limit for a specific file
Seperate your phases into 4 different folders so that it’s more organized (then try to make each folder organized as well)
There is also a tool called pack-and-go on inventor that you can use to quicken how fast you put together phase 1 (since often there are thousands of parts to include).
Here is also a link to the pdf that you can use to find more info if you’d like, just go to page 12. Awards Page

I have a few more questions. How do i post on streamline. I am new to this.

To post on Steamline, go to in Internet Explorer (Firefox does not seem to work for some reason) and the download of Steamline 6 should start right away. Install the software on your computer. Open Steamline 6 and enter in (public) as the username and the password box should turn gray because you do not need a password. Once inside the streamline, click on ‘Student Upload Area 2006’. On the left hand side, you should see a navigation tree. Navigate to where your team’s folder should be inside of ‘Deposit Inventor Entries Here’ and create a folder for your team if you already have not. To create a folder, right click in the main window and click on ‘Add’, then on Folder. Name the folder what you would like. Then to add files, right click, click on ‘Add’ and then click on ‘Document’. Browse to find the file you would like to upload, click ‘OK’ and then click ‘Next’ if you would like to add a comment on the file(s) you are uploading. Click ‘Finish’.

Make sure you zip your files so its easier for the judges to download and view your files.

I hope that helps. PM me if you have any more questions.